Prizer Custom Kitchen Hoods

photo via Kim Lewis/Prizer Hoods

There’s nothing I like more than a bright pop of color in the kitchen – it keeps me happy and on my toes when I cook.  The photo shown above is of a BlueStar professional range with a color-coordinated Prizer custom kitchen hood .  Options – (just as the caption says in the photo below)  – Prizer Hoods is all about a plethora of options and customization. Prizer-Painter Stove Works, Inc., the manufacturer of BlueStar professional cooking equipment for the home introduces Prizer Hoods, a collection of professional-inspired, luxury, custom kitchen hoods which can be tailored to the customer’s individual taste .  With over 190 colors, 15 custom metal finishes, 10 textures, an extensive selection of trim options, and a wide range of styles ranging from traditional old-world elegance to sleek, minimalist, and modern, there is something for everyone, and Prizer’s custom capabilities allows the home chef to express their individual personality in the kitchen.

Customization is easier than one might think at Prizer Hoods.  Oftentimes, the initial concept is taken from an already existing hood, and it is further personalized to the customer, be it the addition of a utensil rail, decorative trim, or an unusual duct.  A “request-a-quote” form is then filled out along with a description of the item and customizations desired, a detailed quote is sent back.  Once agreed upon, detailed Autocad drawings are drawn up by Prizer Hood’s engineering department, the drawings are reviewed and approved, and the custom kitchen hood is delivered in 10-14 weeks!

One might think that customization refers to a selection of color and finish options, but at Prizer, customized kitchen hoods is not limited to simply color and finish options.

A sampling of Prizer Custom Kitchen Hood Silhouettes:

Prizer Custom Kitchen Hoods

photos via Prizer Hoods


Wall-mount, island, bbq, or  under-counter hood style hood – Prizer is capable of customizing any style to fit the look and lifestyle of each individual homeowner.

Prizer Custom Kitchen Hoods Metal Options and Finishes:

Prizer Hoods metal finish options

And the material choices don’t stop there – don’t forget that there are also over 190 color options! If the color of the year (in this case, radiant orchid) happens to be your thing, Prizer Hoods can make it happen!  In addition to the options shown above, strapping/banding, utensil rails, end caps, and mounting brackets can also be installed to add detail and personality to any custom kitchen hood.

Prizer Hoods at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show

While at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York, BlogTourNYC stopped by the Prizer Hoods booth, where we met up with Kim Lewis, architectural designer who many may know as the lead designer for ABC’s “ExtremeMakeover: Home Edition”.  Kim also created the design of the booth, where she showcased the individuality and customization possible with Prizer Hoods.

Some of the custom kitchen hood design personalities and styles featured at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show included elegant, regency, steampunk, luxurious, artistic, custom, classic, eclectic, industrial


Contrasting curved and linear shapes in a hammered metal with detailed strapping.  A traditional silhouette executed in a manner which appears updated and new.


Polished brass for the home chef seeking seeking drama and opulence in the kitchen.

Prizer Hoods


A little bit edgy with an industrial flair, copper is accented with a softer black trim with nailhead accents.

Prizer Hoods


Oversized and in a brushed brass finish, resembles a worn, aged brass that has stood the test of time,  and compliments this mixed metal range from Blue Star quite nicely. Prizer Hoods has a photo of their Pagoda hood on their website, but trust me – it looks even better in person.

Prizer Hoods

There is no better way to view a kitchen hood than in an actual kitchen, so I leave you with some shots of actual Prizer custom kitchen hoods installed in kitchens throughout the country.

Luna Farm kitchen - Prizer Hoods

photo credit: Jason Varney

Rebekah Zaveloff kitchen-Prizer Hoods

photo via Prizer Hoods

Kitchen Crashers, photo via Prizer Hoods

Kitchen Crashers, photo via Prizer Hoods

Kitchen Crashers, photo via Prizer Hoods

Kitchen Crashers, photo via Prizer Hoods

Looks/customization options are only a few of the things to consider when shopping for a custom kitchen hood.   The other components that make Prizer a standout when it comes to custom kitchen hoods – quality, 130 years of hand-crafted experience, professional grade performance, and a solid warranty.

In keeping with FTC guidelines and full transparency, Prizer Hoods was one of several sponsors of Blog Tour NYC and covered my travel and expenses  to New York for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show.  However, all the opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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