As you all know, this past weekend I spent walking the aisles of Dwell on Design, the country’s largest modern design show.  One of the things I love most about trade shows is being able to walk the floors and scout out my favorite picks.  As one who appreciates beauty in everything I see, this is by far my favorite part of every show, since I naturally gravitate to beautiful things and whatever catches my eye.  Unlike my last post, which was all about my picks from Dwell on Design that make life easier and more enjoyable, these picks are based purely on aesthetics.  Enjoy!


The minute I laid eyes on the neutral tile below, the wheels started spinning in my head.  This is one of those timeless and classic tiles that can transform itself to fit in with many different interior styles, and  it brings today’s hexagon/honeycomb trend to an entirely new level.  I would use this tile in my own kitchen in a heartbeat – along with the Silestone Altair countertop in a sueded finish that I featured in yesterday’s blog post.

The tiles below have a mid-century modern vibe to it which I love.  They are fun, whimsical, and a great way to brighten up a room.

The Aurora Lamp by THE GOOD FLOCK

Simple but stylish, the Aurora Lamp by The Good Flock can be used as a table lamp or mounted on the wall or ceiling.  When outfitted with an Edison bulb the looks is vintage, whereas when a reflective half chrome bulb is used, the look is sleek and modern, with the wood base bringing a little bit of warmth to the room.

Hand forged bronze furniture from ORGANIC MODERNISM

As you all know, brass and gold is making a comeback, which is why this bronze chair really caught my eye.  The soft patina gives the chair a warm glow that is so inviting!  I first saw this chair when Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey used a set of the same chair for her window display at the week long LCDQ Legends 2013 event.

Using glass tops on the dining and coffee tables enables all to see the fluid, organic bronze base below.

The window designed by Tamara Kaye-Honey, LCDQ Legends 2013


Beautiful tile with a modern Moroccan feel.  I love how subtle and calming these beautiful greys are with just a touch of yellow.  I can just picture how it would look in a sun filled kitchen.  Classic.

We all know how much herringbone patterned tile is trending, and the example below is no exception.  Again – simple, subtle, and classic.  This one is a sure winner.

Lighting from whyrHymer

Brandon Morrison’s boutique line of lighting is unlike any other.  A master woodworker, the lighting that Morrison designs has an architectural quality.  His attention to detail is evident, as he makes sure that the best grain patterns are showcased in each piece he designs.  Morrison also sees each fixture as a whole, including bulb, as the masterpiece – not just the fixture itself.  The bulbs, many of them filament,  used in different sizes and shapes is an integral part of each design.  What I have shown here does not do his line justice.  You MUST visit the whyrHymer website to see for yourself. Morrison’s work is amazing.

The “Cabrits” tub from VICTORIA + ALBERT

Beautiful design, contoured for maximum comfort, water efficient – what else could you possibly ask for in a tub?  The “Cabrits”, like all Victoria + Albert tubs, is made of volcanic limestone which is finely ground and mixed with a high quality resin.  The result is an extremely light, but durable material that is stain and scratch resistant.  One solid piece of composite, you can use almost any type of cleanser without having to worry about compromising the coating, since it has none.

The photo I took did not do the tub justice, so here is a PR pic from Victoria + Albert.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  As I conversed with Brian, business development manager from Victoria + Albert, no less than four people hopped into the tub and took pictures of themselves, presumably to post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! You know if it’s being posted across social media channels, it’s gotta be a winner!

image via Victoria + Albert

BEST Range Hoods

Make a design statement in your kitchen with a Best range hood, where attention is given to both form and function.  Not your typical range hood, I did a double take as I walked by the Best booth.  Modeled after modern, sleek Italian design, the Best range hood is sure to be a conversation piece in the kitchen.

The Desert Collection from CAMBRIA

The Desert Collection is made of natural quartz which is ground and mixed with a resin.  It has the same look as quarried stone, but with added durability and performance.  Not only is Cambria non-porous (stain resistant) and scratch resistant, but it is also maintenance free.  What I saw as most innovative, was the treatment that was done by the fabricator, European Artstone, where a pattern is etched into the surface, resulting in a matte surface and wallpaper-like appearance.  I can only imagine what this would look like with a subtle geometric pattern – it would look out of this world!!!  For the next project, of course!

Seth Parks Glass

With his organic shapes in modern and vibrant colors, Los Angeles artist Seth Parks’ custom hand blown chandeliers stand out from the crowd.  To fully appreciate hand blown glass, one has to truly understand the process that goes into creating these complicated shapes.  I was given a short lesson over dinner not too long ago by my brother in law and sister in law, both of whom are avid hand blown glass aficionados, and who have both tried their hand at glass blowing.
Talk about mood lighting – the fixture on the left changes color.  And to the right, the man himself – Mr. Seth Parks!

The same evening after seeing Seth Parks at the Dwell on Design show, I attended a tour of the Dwell Labs apartments, in the heart of Hollywood at the corner of Hollywood and Vine (1600 Vine), and I spotted Seth Parks’ hand blown glass fixtures lighting up the breakfast table and the living room of a unit designed by ASID designers Cynthia Lambakis and Samantha Williams.  I apologize that my photo below does not show the definition of each individual hand blown appendage.

I hope you enjoyed my list of pretty picks from Dwell on Design.  Any favorites?  Let me know in the comment section!

Unless indicated, all photographs are my own.  Feel free to use them, but please give credit where credit is due and link back!