The Customized Home – KBIS 2017

The customized home is one of the biggest trends in the home and one trend that was seen in full force and in every room in the house at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show last month. The design-savvy consumer has their own unique taste and preferences, and now they are seeking ways of differentiating their homes to make it their own – a reflection of their taste and lifestyle. Sometimes customization may pertain to larger design decisions in the home but oftentimes it may also pertain to the smallest details, but we all know that details make the difference in good design, so even the smallest detail matters.

The Customized Home – In the Kitchen

The Thermador Freedom® Collection of Culinary Preservation Columns

The Thermador Freedom® Collection of Culinary Preservation Columns–including refrigerator, freezer and wine columns–has been redesigned and expanded to offer the ultimate in innovation, luxury and personalization for the home.  The newly expanded 2017 line offers multiple options for mixing, matching or combining units for a completely custom configuration.
Personalization and Customization in the Kitchen and Bath KBIS 2017

Thermador was the first to bring the built-in modular refrigeration concept to market and they are continuing to evolve  and expand on their concepts to keep themselves at the top of the market in the category.  The Culinary Preservation line has over 23 customizable models, which allows the consumer to personalize their kitchen to their particular needs.  A new 36″ refrigerator and freezer are now available, and a 23 1/2″ refrigerator can fit into a pre-existing 42″ or 48″ cut-out when matched with a 18″ or 24″ freezer or wine column.
Thermador Culinary Preservation 2
No longer does one have to worry about delicate produce being lost (and crushed) in the produce bin.  Bins for delicate produce are now placed on the inside of the door.  A new cool flow system allows air to flow behind the unit and ensures that everything in the door bins is maintained at the same temperature as the cavity.
Thermador Culinary Preservation 2
For the wine lover, I have to point out that the Wine Column is now a 3-zone wine column to keep your chardonnays, reds, AND rosés at the optimal temperature. I have seen dual-zone wine coolers on the market, but Thermador is the first on the market with a 3-temperature zone cooler. A touch feature on the door senses when a door has been accidentally opened, and automatically closes it.  If one would rather pull the door open, the touch feature can be disabled.  It’s all a matter of personal preference and Thermador realizes that while some may opt for a touch feature on the door, there are those who prefer a traditional pull. Options!
Thermador does not stop there with the personalization/customization trend.  The 60″ Pro Grand Range Collection is the most versatile 60” professional style range on the market, allowing cooks to mix and match two different surface cooking options with two different oven cooking options.
For those whose passion is entertaining, the ultimate entertainer’s range with a 36″ convection oven alongside a 30″ convection might be the way to go when choosing an oven configuration.
Thermador 60 Pro Grand Range
The other choice, a 36″ convection oven alongside a steam and convection oven and warming drawer.  Neither option is too shabby!
Thermador 60-Inch Pro Grand Steam Range Interior
On the surface, there is the option of a 24″ dual-zone griddle or a professional grill alongside a griddle.
Thermador 60-Inch Range With Griddle
  Three separate cooking zones allow three people to cook at once.  This is especially handy if you need an extra set of hands in the kitchen – especially when in the throes of entertaining and coordinating meal prep.Thermador 60-Inch Range Professional Grill
Of course whichever options that are chosen, along come all the other perks and features of a Thermador Pro Range – 6 patented Star Burners, one with 22,000 BTUs power burner, Extra Low simmer feature, soft close doors on all the ovens, and a beautifully lit control panel.
Another important design feature is Thermador’s unique venting system that reduces back wall temperatures, allowing the range to be installed at near zero clearance.
Thermador 60" Grand Pro Range

The Customized Home – In the Bath

Modulus by DXV

I fell in love with DXV’s Modulus suite the minute I laid eyes on it.  This particular set up consists of a Lavatory with tray, Wall Hung Countertop, and a Wall Hung Drawer unit.  The solid surface lavatory is available in 3 options: marble, concrete, and a matte solid surface – all of which are materials that are relevant to what is in the market today.

Top Kitchen and Bath Trends 2017 - DXV -The Customized Home at KBIS 2017     Each shape and curve is meticulously designed so that every component fits into place.  The tray that sits atop the lavatory fits into the groove of the drawer unit below so that it can easily be moved  should  extra space on the lavatory surface be needed.Top Kitchen and Bath Trends 2017 - Personalization from DXV The Customized Home at KBIS 2017

If you would rather hide the tray away, there is a space for it inside the drawer where it can be stored without disturbing the contents on top.  Brilliant and so well thought out.

DXV Modulus - The Customized Home at KBIS 2017 Top Kitchen and Bath Trends 2017 - PDXV - The Customized Home at KBIS 2017

For further customization, a small but noticeable detail can be added to the faucet.   A variety of rings are available to add an element of personalization – a little bling, something more industrial, or a contrast finish to differentiate it from any other ordinary faucet.  This faucet is special and there is something available for everyone that allows the consumer to express their own personal style.  Top Kitchen and Bath Trends 2017 - DXV -The Customized Home at KBIS

The Customized Home – In the Bedroom and Beyond

Metrie is a manufacturer of interior finishings that includes architectural trim, crown moulding, and interior doors.  Trim can be somewhat daunting to the homeowner as well as to the designer.  We are always confronted with the same question – how to choose the appropriate style trim to complement your furniture and the architecture of your home?  Metrie makes that part easy with their  Then & Now Finishing Collections™, which coordinates trim and interior doors by different architectural styles.  Because the components in each collection are designed to coordinate with one another, the result is a perfectly proportioned look, making the task of selecting the right trim stress-free.

The French Curves finishing collection recalls the elegance of a Parisian boutique hotel.  French Curves is best suited for the homeowner that is seeking a more formal appearance.  The moulding’s subtle curves perfectly complement the curves of vintage French furniture.

Metrie- The Customized Home at KBIS 2017 Metrie - The Customized Home at KBIS 2017

For those seeking a simpler, more modern approach to trim, the Very Square Finishing Collection is the way to go. It offers rich details to a room,  but the absence of curves gives it a strong, clean, almost graphic feel.

The Customized Home at KBIS 2017 Metrie- The Customized Home at KBIS 2017

The Fashion Forward Finishing Collection offers up details that are exactly that – fashion forward and a bit over the top.  It is designed to make a statement and is by no means subtle.  Contrasting black and white with pops of color are best suited for those seeking a bold, distinct edge.  Metrie - The Customized Home at KBIS 2017 Metrie - The Customized Home at KBIS 2017

Mouldings from the Pretty Simple Finishing Collection  have their roots in traditional design yet are modern at the same time.  The simple addition of moulding on the ceiling creates warmth but without being too heavy.

Metrie - The customized home KBIS 2017Metrie -The Customized Home at KBIS 2017 Metrie - The Customized Home at KBIS 2017

To see the full impact of how trim can change the look of a room, check out Metrie’s Room Styler, but be prepared to spend a bit of time there – it is somewhat intoxicating!

In addition to the examples I have shown in this post, there are countless ways of customizing the home, some of which I mentioned in my previous post on KBIS. Stay tuned for more, as this is one trend that will no longer be a trend, but will rather become the norm.   As the demand for the customized home continues and advances are made in technology,  smaller production runs become more efficient, enabling companies to provide more options to the consumer.

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic

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