W. Schillig - High Point Market Showroom

W. Schillig

Established in 1949, W. Schillig is known in the industry for their offerings of luxury seating – sofas, chairs, and sectionals.  European styling, German engineering and sensibility is how they built their brand and High Point Market marks the debut of sophisticated rugs to complement what they already have, extending their brand to floor coverings as well as seating. If you’re visiting High Point Market this week, you must stop by the showroom on the 3rd floor of the 220 Elm Building to see and experience the line in person.

If you are not familiar with W. Schillig brand, are you in for a treat.  Upon entering their showroom at High Point Market, I was greeted by a sea of beautiful seating paired with complementary rugs.  Little did I know that beneath all the sleek styling was function and flexibility.  Here’s a little video clip to give you a quick glimpse of W. Schillig’s line of luxury motion:

W. Schillig’s line of luxury motion seating is so impeccably designed with attention to every detail that by just looking at it, one would not know that a power incliner lies within (as opposed to “recliner” as it does not tilt back to the wall but rather moves forward). The buttons are hidden so all you have to do is slip your hand between the arm and seat and the motor does all the work – completely effortless.

Fashion, Function, and Flexibility is what W. Schillig is all about and their product proves that you CAN have it all.  As a designer, a major struggle I have is working with clients where the couple doesn’t agree (and the argument is almost always about the sofa) – the wife’s main concern is the look.  She wants a sofa that reflects her style, whereas the husband is looking for comfort. This isn’t always easy, and it usually ends up in a compromise, where someone isn’t happy.  With W. Schilling, compromise is no longer an issue!

schilligusa 2

Looks are deceiving, as this too, is equipped with motion and has the ability to change according to your comfort needs.

Stationary Seating

Stationary seating is not equipped with motion features, but they are equally as stylish.  The ratcheted arms on the Chiara sectional (shown below in fabric) can be tilted up to relax at an angle while reading a book or watching TV, and can lie flat for additional seating.  Also, take notice of the slender stainless steel legs below.

W. Schillig luxury seating at High Point Market

W. Schillig Rugs

W. Schillig’s new collection of rugs is right on trend with what I am seeing in the industry, with sophisticated designs that will appeal to a variety of design aesthetics.  (All the rugs shown above with the sofas are from W. Schillig’s new rug collection as are the rugs below) Beautifully hand-knotted and hand loomed with the most unique details that I have not seen anywhere else,   are made in a variety of places, depending on the type of weave,  including India and Nepal.

W. Schillig Rugs

shilligusa 4

This rug marries hand knotted wood with hair on hide – something I have yet to see in the marketplace.  W. Schillig rugs at High Point MarketTopas_3305_201x295W. Schillig RugsW-Schillig-purple-grey-rugs debuting at High Point Market #HPMkt


I have much more to share on what I experienced at the W. Schillig showroom in a couple of weeks, but for now this is to act as a teaser to get a feel for what the line has to offer.

W. Schillig is located on the 3rd floor of the 220 Elm Building and PS. – they make a mean macchiato, so be sure to stop by!

Many thanks to W. Schillig for making my trip to High Point Market possible through High Point’s Sponsored Blogger program.  It truly is a pleasure to work with brands and product that I believe in and W. Schillig is one of them.


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