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SPECIAL PROJECT - Seasonal Living Designer Showhouse, Malibu CA

Seasonal Living Magazine Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse - virtual interior design

From time to time our Pasadena interior design firm is asked to participate in a special project with a manufacturer.  The Seasonal Living Virtual Designer Showhouse came about as a response to COVID-19 and the absence of show houses that are a source of inspiration for the consumer and designer.  Seasonal Living asked 11 national designers to participate in this exercise in virtual interior design and we were one of them.  We were tasked with designing the  Principal Suite. Situated in Malibu, CA the home was created and exists in the virtual world. First, visit the home, then walk through the spaces, and experience the home all through your computer by visiting the Seasonal Living Virtual Designer Showhouse  We designed the Principal Suite which occupies the entire 2nd floor, so make sure to visit!First,

Stylish Chic

Master Bathroom

malibu, ca

Bedroom-15 copy

Master Bedroom

malibu, ca

Dressing Room 1

Dressing Room

malibu, ca

A virtual interior design project is a great exercise.  Not only does it allow us to explore our creativity, but it allows us to do so without the normal constraints we are accustomed to.  As a result of no guidelines with budget and an imaginary client, we created using a blank slate.  In doing so, you can see how we were able to think outside of the box in our solutions.

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