Top KnobsYou’ve spent countless hours designing every component of your kitchen and bathroom and how do you complete your masterpiece? By selecting the proper cabinet hardware that not only complements the space, but also reflects your individual style.  With a line of over 3000 knobs and pulls, BlogTourVegas sponsor Top Knobs has something to fit every design aesthetic and personality.  For this past market at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), Top Knobs made a strong push towards the transitional market, to satisfy the markets changing needs and consumer demand. The traditional and contemporary markets are meeting in the middle to meet the needs of today’s consumer that wants the best of both worlds.  Those who were once deeply rooted in traditional design are gently being pulled in the other direction.  They still are not willing to give up what they are familiar with, so the best way to cater to this particular consumer is to play with finishes – especially if you’re in the business of selling hardware.

Top Knobs - Aspen II

Aspen II in Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, and Brushed Satin Nickel

Top Knobs – Aspen II

Premiering at KBIS was Aspen II, which is based on the original Aspen Collection, but in three new finishes to cater to the more transitional consumer. The original Aspen Collection features solid castings in artisan grade bronze and are finished by hand in four finishes that take on a rustic, ruff-hewn feel.  For Aspen II, three contemporary finishes – Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, and Brushed Satin Nickel were added, allowing them to be used in a more transitional setting.

Top Knobs - Aspen II

I was particularly smitten by the twig pull because of the contrast between organic shape and sleek, shiny finish.  The three new silver-toned finishes in chrome and nickel blend in well with the grey  and grey/brown cabinet finishes that have been flooding the market lately.

Top Knobs Aspen II

The different shapes and finishes offered in Aspen II

Top Knobs – Aspen

Below are images of the original Aspen Collection which show the same shapes available in Aspen II, but in warmer finishes and a slightly worn, gentle patina. In a different finish, the pulls and knobs take on an entirely different look.
Top Knobs 6Top Knobs

The square knobs, above and on the far right, are especially interesting because the top is square and the base is round.  What you don’t see on the backside is how seamlessly the square transitions into the round shape of the base.  And this is why Top Knobs has made such a rapid climb to the top in their 20 years in business – their commitment to quality and workmanship.  Pick up one of their knobs and you’ll know right away.  They are solid cast bronze, not hollow, and are designed to last. Top Knobs also offers a lifetime warranty for all of the products they manufacture, so for peace of mind it is good to know that should anything every go wrong, they stand behind their product.

More of what was seen from Top Knobs at KBIS:

Top KnobsTop Knobs

Top Knobs

From traditional to modern, plain or fully outfitted with bling, Top Knobs has all your cabinet hardware needs covered.

Rose Dostal

Prior to market, Top Knobs also sponsored a design competition and my friend and fellow BlogTourVegas mate, Rose Dostal was one of seven finalists.  I hope that her design won and will be one of the new Top Knobs  introductions next year at KBIS 2016.  Wish her luck!

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