It’s only fitting that I wrap up my tour of the 2013 Kips Bay Decorator Show House just as it is coming to a close today, on the last day that it is open to the public.  Today I am concluding with the 4th and 5th floors, and you won’t be disappointed.

As I made my way up the stairs from the 3rd to the 4th floor, I was greeted by this Christian Lacroix wallpaper, inspired by an antique map.  Notice the subtle antique brass nailhead trim detail along the ceiling.  Fabulous job, Judy King Interiors!

Entering into Jack Levy‘s “sitting room, I was welcomed by a whimsical wonderland, where at every turn I saw something new, unexpected, and exciting.  On the wall is a Fornasetti wallpaper in a charcoal background with puffer fish motif, and in typical Fornasetti fashion, the motifs are meticulously drawn and detailed.  Naïve and full of whimsy, the walls and table tops are contrasted with a bounty of worldly treasures from different eras that fill the room.

From the modern paintings on the wall to the chinoisierie nesting table, to the 20th century directoire style desk, and what appears to be an encaustic painting above the mantle, everything works together in harmony and compliments the Fornasetti wallpaper, which takes front and center in the room.

I remember being introduced to Fornasetti (not the person, but the his style, art and vision) back in 1992, when I was still young and naive, fresh out of college and working as a designer for Anne Klein Design Studio.  Back then, my bosses would traipse across the Atlantic every other month on the Concorde and would return with loads and loads of Fornasetti inspiration for us to boost our creative juices. Back then we did not have computers we have today to manipulate design, so everything was hand drawn and very time consuming – it was a time I refer to as the “dark ages”.


Making my way towards the opposite end of the 4th floor of the 2013 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, I stumble across Felicia Zwebner Design‘s sitting room that is dubbed “World Class Luxury”.  The walls lined in the most soothing shades of subtle grey and platinum marble, this small sitting area could be mistaken for a waiting area for a world class spa, as it exudes exactly what it’s name implies – world class luxury.

At the end of the hall is “La Petite Writing Room, designed by Stephen Mooney Interiors, – a room dedicated to dame of the household.  The perfect place to enjoy a good book and sip on a cup of tea while perched by the window and soaking in the sun’s rays.  An antique Louis XVI desk sits against the wall in the middle of the room is the perfect place to keep an eye of the super sized memo board on the opposite wall.  This keeps the lady of the house apprised of the upcoming events in her social calendar, since the woman who lives in this home definitely belongs to the New York social set, and sitting down to write the countless thank you notes the old fashioned way is an absolute must.  So why not dedicate an entire room to it?  Miss Emily Post would be proud.


Adjacent to “La Petite Writing Room” is Sara Story’s “Bamboo Story”.  I departed the previous room feeling relaxed and with a renewed sense of calm, but upon stepping foot into “Bamboo Story” the neurotransmitters in my brain shifted into overdrive.  There was a lot to see in this room but my eyes could not focus on one particular spot.  The abstract bamboo motif wallpaper was beautiful, but unfortunately was overlooked because my eyes were constantly being drawn to the checkerboard pattern on the floor.  Between the black and white checkered floor in the sitting room to the black and white checkered tile walls in the bathroom the effect was dizzying.

As I exited the rabbit hole, I made my way up yet another flight of stairs, where I was greeted by this wonderful bar area below in Eve Robinson Associates’ “Family Lounge”, where every texture and detail is meticulously planned.  The walls are the lightest and creamiest shade of layers upon layers of venetian plaster, which is finished with a fine cross hatch pattern.  This subtle pattern brings the walls to life – definitely a technique that I’d like to try in one of my rooms!

The custom patched hide rug, the cashmere pillows,the ombré drapery, the twin fur stools, the mirrored glass fireplace logs, the horn cabinet pulls (which, by the way, I have been eyeing for the last two years), the crystal rock sconces, the pendants hanging above the game table (just like jewelry for the home) – I love it all and how it all comes together to make one cohesive room.  I have to say that I saw pictures of this room before hand, and I wasn’t so sure that I’d be a fan.  But being in the room, and experiencing the light coming in through the skylights and paned windows, and being able to see the amazing view of the green tree tops outside, gives one a different perspective.  I’m happy to say that I’m a huge fan!

I love this outdoor space and the thought of being able to enjoy the outdoors right from home.  However, as enticing as this soaking tub may be (and I know I could sit it in for hours on end), I recall my days right out of college where the favorite pastime of many of my male friends was to scope out the New York city skyline at night with a pair of binoculars and/or telescope.  So I’d reserve this space to lounge, read a good book, enjoy a cocktail, or hang out as one would in a hot tub with friends,  and I’d leave the soaking for one of the many other tubs in the home- such as the one in Garcia/Madonado’s “lounge suite” on the 3rd floor!

Next up on the 5th floor of the 2013 Kips Bay Show House is Barbara Ostrom Associates’ “Sitting Room/Home Office”, and what a thrill it was stepping into this room.  With the zebra hide on the floor, matching fur stools, lucite furniture, and gold leaf ceiling mural above, an element of “zing” was added to the room and I was in heaven. It’s amazing that the addition of just a few items can  change the entire feel of a room.

Well, there you have it – the 2013 Kips Bay Decorator Show House!  One thing that always amazes me, is that with every show house I visit, there is always an odd ratio of bedrooms to sitting rooms.  With a beautiful family lounge on the top floor, how are the other members of the family to sleep if the only bedroom in the house is the master bedroom?  Of course there is always Garcia/Maldonado’s “lounge suite” on the 3rd floor, which could double as a bedroom, but I’m not sure I’d want my teenage son sleeping in a room with a nude or  a topless woman in black panties, 5 inch spike platforms, and a teddy bear covering her chest adorning the walls – or worse yet, my 8 year old son.  Or maybe I’m just a bit too traditional.  Just something to ponder for those designing the next show house…

I thoroughly enjoyed my time exploring each and every room in the house, and again, I have to thank Doodle Home and Kravet for making my time in the Show House possible.  The 2013 Kips Bay Decorator Show House closes to the public today, June 4 but it is currently on the market for a paltry $16M, for any of you who are interested.

If you missed my tours of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, it’s not too late and you can still access the tours here:

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Thanks for accompanying me on my journey through this year’s show house and I hope you enjoyed it!   If you have any questions regarding items in any of the pictures and any of the sources, feel free to contact me.  Until my next post…

All photographs included in this post were taken by me, Jeanne Chung.