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Trade Shows and Trends | June 18, 2013
Rock Crystal – A Trend to Watch Out For

Rock crystal, also referred to as colorless quartz, has been around for years and has been used as a gem stone for ornamental carvings and chandeliers because of its beauty, affordability, and availability.  Some cultures associate rock crystal with healing and protection, and the Native Americans use its power to bring rain because of its strong connection with water.  A…

My Living Room as seen from the Lens of my New Camera
Uncategorized | February 26, 2013
My Living Room as seen from the Lens of my New Camera

Jeanne Gets a New Camera! Over the weekend I finally received my first ever DSLR camera (Thank you, Amex points!)  Until now, I have been using a point and shoot, and more recently, my iPhone 5.  Kinda sad, isn’t it? I ripped opened up the box and in anticlimactic fashion, I just stared at my camera and had no idea…

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