Fashion and interior color and design trends have always gone hand in hand, which is why so many fashion designers find themselves making the transition into interior design (myself included).  In any given season, one can see the common colors and themes running throughout  both fashion and interior collections.
While at Las Vegas Market last week, a rug executive mentioned to me how her career had gone from “rags to rugs”.  Throughout the duration of my time at market the same phrase continued to pop into my head, especially as I made my way from one rug showroom to another, but to me the phrase “rags to rugs” had an entirely different meaning. I noticed how many of the new rug introductions were inspired by fashion’s recent runway looks.  To me, the phrase “rags to rugs” represents the manner in which color and design trends make their way from fashion and are reinterpreted for use in the home.  Fashion trends come and go in almost a blink of an eye.  The only difference in interior design is that the same trends that are introduced into the home tend to stick around a bit longer than those in one’s closet.

Roberto Cavalli, Spring 2014   //  Pow Wow, Indigo by Capel
J. Crew, Fall 2013   //  Oriental Weavers
Matthew Williamson, Spring RTW 2013   //  Pantone Collection from Oriental Weavers
Alice and Olivia, Spring 2013  //  Safavieh
Valentino, Fall RTW 2013  //  Isaac Mizrahi for Safavieh