Project Name
Rancho Breakfast Room
Arcadia, CA

Rancho Breakfast Room

  • 2020 Pasadena Showcase House

  • Location: Arcadia, CA

Design Challenges:
– Majority of walls comprised of floor-to-ceiling windows or door openings, posing a unique design challenge
Design Solutions:
– Utilized natural light by painting woodwork a dark charcoal, effectively keeping focus within the room
– Transitioned white woodwork to black to prevent eyes from wandering outdoors, enhancing interior cohesion
Sustainability Theme:
– Opted for recycled newsprint wallpaper to align with sustainability theme
Neutral Finishes:
– Neutral finishes ranging from cream to black chosen, allowing furnishings and accessories to introduce pops of color
– Artwork crafted from upcycled luxury shopping bags and boxes, adding a unique touch to the space
Maximalist Approach:
– Collaboration with Replacements to curate a selection of mix-and-match china, embracing a maximalist aesthetic
Glass Curtain:
– Commissioned a glass curtain from Murano, Italy to conceal an unsightly side yard while still permitting natural light 
– Obscured, blurry vision of greenery visible through the glass curtain, enhancing the room’s ambiance
Room Character:
– Despite its small size, the room is a jewel box, adorned with numerous thoughtful design details.
breakfast room - pasadena Showcase House
Murano glass curtain

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