Project Name
Posh Teen Bedroom and Bath
Altadena, CA

Posh Teen Bedroom and Bath

  • Location: Altadena, CA

  • Project: Designed for the 2018 Pasadena Showcase House

  • Client Profile: Sophisticated Teen Girl

Design Approach:

Fusion of vintage and modern furniture pieces for a unique aesthetic


Ethereal Theme:
Custom printed mural on mylar featuring feminine colors and gold accents, evoking an ethereal ambiance reminiscent of outer space


Bathroom Design Challenges:
– Originally an office, the bathroom’s layout with an entire exterior wall composed of windows posed challenges for shower placement

– Solution: Vanity positioned in front of the window, with a brass mirror suspended from the ceiling


Innovative Space Utilization:
– Due to bedroom space limitations, closet incorporated within the bathroom, creating a multifunctional dressing room and lounge area


Color Palette:
– Based on a lilac-tinted white paint color, complemented by brass and saddle-toned leather accents to balance

Before & after

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