The Miele CM5200 Espresso Machine

Espresso made on the Miele CM5200 espresso machine

Today is my version of “Coffee Talk” where I am discussing the Miele CM5200 espresso machine – an advanced, super-automatic espresso machine that I call the “Beast”  of all freestanding espresso machines.   As you may know, I recently traveled to New York City for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show along with Modenus and BlogTour NYC .  While there, I was the lucky designer/blogger recipient of  the  Miele CM5200 espresso machine , compliments of the generous folks at Miele and Rutt Cabinetry.  I must say,  they couldn’t have picked a better person! Although not required to blog about it, I felt it necessary to share my experience, because it has only been a positive one.  Not only is it a good looking machine (available in black or white), but it is packed with customizable features to ensure that you are able to craft your espresso based drink to your exact liking. And the best part – the self cleaning features, because God knows that cleaning is the one thing I despise more than anything.

Miele CM5200 espresso machine

There are certain things that I look to for inspiration when designing, but the one thing I turn to every day to fuel my creativity is my morning espresso.  A double espresso in the morning and then another double espresso based drink in the afternoon.  What I ultimately decide to add to my espresso each afternoon depends on my mood on that particular day.  On some days I take it with milk and I choose a latte and on other days I might prefer milk foam with my espresso, in which case I opt for a cappuccino (note the Kahlúa and Frangelico on the far right – although I don’t add them to my espresso very often on a work day, they are nice additions to have on hand, should the craving arise)

Prepping and Preparing Drinks on the Miele CM 5200 Espresso Machine

The water reservoir on the Miele CM5200 holds enough water to last about three days (61 oz.) and I usually put about 3-4 days worth of whole roasted beans into the bean hopper at once.  (The machine automatically grinds the espresso each time a drink is made, ensuring you have the freshest brew possible.) The flask on the left of the machine holds milk.  The nice thing about the accompanying milk flask is that once you are done making your drink, you can pull out the tube and store the flask in the refrigerator.Because the flask is stored in the refrigerator, there is no need to pour milk into a separate container just to have to wash after every use.  One less thing to wash is a huge plus in my book! If you’re having an espresso, which does not contain any milk, there is no need to hook up the milk flask.

Step One:

Miele CM5200 espresso machine

Step Two:

Miele CM5200 espresso machine

With a touch of a button you can choose your espresso based drink of choice.  In addition to the four quick buttons shown above, the Miele CM5200 espresso machine can also dispense café latte, milk froth, hot milk, and hot water, which are accessed via the menu dial.  Yes, you have the access to hot water for tea, which means no more waiting around for the kettle to sound off! If you prefer your espresso extra strong like I do, you can adjust the strength in the settings menu and program the machine so that it remembers how you like it.  The same goes for the serving amount and temperature.

Miele CM 5200 espresso machine

Ahhh…..the Miele CM 5200 espresso machine in action.

Make Two Drinks Simultaneously

Note the two streams of espresso above.  Should you find the need to make two separate shots of espresso, simply put a cup underneath each spout and you can make two separate drinks simultaneously!  There’s no sense in having to prepare the same thing twice  – the Miele CM5200 espresso machine does the work for you!

Maintenance of the Miele CM5200 Espresso Machine

Maintenance on the Miele CM5200 espresso machine is fairly simple.  After making a drink that uses milk, the machine automatically posts a reminder on the screen to “Clean the milk system”  Simply pull the tube out of the milk flask, insert it into the  tray, push the button, and voilà – the machine automatically flushes out the milk from the tubes and system using steam and hot water.

The milk system and brew unit has to be washed about once a week and degreasing and descaling must be performed about every 200 portions. The machine will post a reminder on the screen when the time comes, so no need to make a mental note.  This reminder feature is perfect for a busy and forgetful person like myself – no need to have my husband or beeping phone to remind me of what I need to do!

Espresso a la mode made on the Miele CM5200 espresso machine

And what is my preferred espresso based drink for today?  Today I’m in a good mood – not only did I accomplish a lot of work, but one son is already out of school and one more to go next week.   It’s summer and it’s warm outside, so I deserve a treat and I think a scoop of french vanilla ice cream in my espresso is in order- an “espresso à la mode”. Cheers – and THANK  YOU, Miele and Rutt Cabinetry – for making my day…today and EVERY day!

**Please note that I did not receive monetary compensation for this post but instead received the Miele CM 5200 espresso machine.  However, all opinions are my own.

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