Modern and Masculine Interior Design at Met Lofts

A few weeks ago I gave you a glimpse of Frank Slesinski’s modern and masculine interior design at Met Lofts, which was designed in conjunction with Dwell on Design and today  I am taking you back for the full tour. You may remember Frank Slesinksi‘s work from my coverage of last year’s Dwell collaborative at 1600 Vine in the heart of Hollywood.  This year Frank brings back his signature modern and masculine interior design that never screams “bachelor pad” but instead is a refined mix of warm woods, cool accents, and beautifully worn antique rugs. Design for the refined gentleman who not only loves the finer things in life, but who also understands and has an appreciation for art and design and is not afraid to express his individual style in his home.  Actually, this pretty much describes Frank!

Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski

Entering into the loft, I was pleasantly greeted by a lovely bar tray sitting atop a cerused wood console with a concrete wall, exposed steel pipes and a contemporary black and white painting acting as the back drop.

The Living Space

Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski The large living room window spans the width of the room facing the area adjacent to Staples Center and LA Live, and catches the warm, intoxicating rays of the late afternoon Southern California sun.  Different wood tones throughout come together and form a cohesive force that is both sophisticated and modern.  The lighting throughout was modified by ADG Lighting to reflect  more pared down, sophisticated, industrial living.Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski 12 A trompe l’oeil effect is created behind the main sofa with a mural of books on a book case in greyscale.

The Kitchen

Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski The warm kitchen cabinetry is offset by the cool grey wood floor, stainless appliances, Caesarstone countertop, and textured stone tile back splash.

The Master Bedroom Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski

The wrought iron bed with brass finial accents and fine bed linens adds a simple touch to the master bedroom, where the view outside takes center stage. Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski

The Master BathMet Lofts-Frank Slesinski

The master bath sports side by side sink stands and a fun, oversized ikat motif wallpaper that provides the room with a little bit of sophisticated whimsy, which is a nice contrast to the modern and masculine design that emanates through the rest of the unit.Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski

The 2nd Bedroom

In the 2nd bedroom, a Resource Furniture wall unit transforms the office into a bedroom with minimal effort in a matter of seconds.  Below the book shelves a table top can be folded up to provide additional workspace. I don’t have a picture of how this unit works on this post, but you can look at this previous post which shows the transformation in pictures.  If you’d like to see the versatility of Resource Furniture, have a quick look at this video. Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski The different tones of cerused woods are a bit ambiguous – is it grey or is it brown?  (Another trend I noticed at High Point Market this past April) The pattern on the rug and the pattern in the Klimt-like painting (You know the one – “The Kiss”) complement one another and almost appear to be speaking to each other from a distance. Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski

The Guest Bath

Walking into the second bath, a neutral grey and saffron stripe lines the walls with a shower curtain trimmed in a Greek key tape running in a perpendicular direction to the stripe on the wall.  Nothing that really stood out…until I noticed what appeared to be abstract art hanging behind framed glass on the wall. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a that it looked like burnt pieces of textiles.  Upon even CLOSER inspection I noticed a small tag – Panties!!  They are burnt panties memorialized and put on display for all to see!  It is definitely interesting to see the form, texture, and pattern that each panty takes on when burned… Met Lofts-Frank Slesinski Frank Slesinski has an aesthetic that ranges from “cutting edge modern to eclectic traditional” , and he can be a bit serious at times, but I love it when he throws out the unexpected zingers as illustrated with the artwork above.  It is these unexpected moments that keeps his modern and masculine interior design for Met Lofts looking fresh and exciting. If you are in the LA area, there are still a few days left to tour this and the two other units at Met Lofts that were designed in conjunction with Dwell on Design. Office hours are Monday-Saturday 9 AM-6PM and Sunday 10 AM-5 PM.  For more info you can visit the Met Lofts website or call 855-311-3494  Jeanne Chung signature