Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

There is no other luxury furnishings brand that embodies the jet-setter lifestyle like Christopher Guy.  Founded by designer and CEO Christopher Guy Harrison, just the mention of his name conjures up visions of grandeur and opulence – mink throws, gilt gold, silk satin, plush velvets, tufted upholstery.

I last visited the Christopher Guy showroom in July 2013, and while several pieces that I saw back then from the Mademoiselle collection are still present, fresh, new introductions in dramatic and exaggerated shapes have now been added to complement and round out the luxury furnishings on the showroom floor.

Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

Christopher Guy’s chic and polished aesthetic has led his luxury furnishings to cameos in several iconic movie productions such as The Thomas Crown Affair, The Devil Wears Prada, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale.  In addition, Christopher Guy is not only seen in the finest residences throughout the world, but pieces from the collection can also be seen in the most exclusive hotels, resorts, and boutiques.  Harrods, the internationally renown, exclusive department store based in the UK,  chose pieces from Christopher Guy’s Mademoiselle Collection for the complete renovation of its historic restaurant, The Georgian.  The Mademoiselle Collection was inspired by the timeless style of legendary designer Coco Chanel and was based on Christophe Guy Harrison’s interpretation of how Chanel’s home may have appeared had it been commissioned today.   The collection can also be seen within the newly renovated shoe department at Bergdorf Goodman in New York – one of my favorite  “go to” places every time I am in the city.  Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

Shades of ivory, blush, silver  and icy mauve complement the sinuous lines of the chair and console legs seen below. LOVE how the back chair legs cross and are placed relatively close together.  Oh, so sexy, but in a prim and proper kind of way.  The best word to describe it,  demure.

Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014 Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

Below are the same lean and sexy lines but the legs on this console are contrasted with a bolder, black lacquer finish.  Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014
Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

One of my favorite finds this market is this vibrant mirror in black, gold and lacquered kelly green – absolutely striking.  Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

This dramatic headboard appears to be in a “transformative state”, one of the major trends presented by Bill Indursky, of Design Life Network,  during his talk on trends for the upcoming year while at Las Vegas Market, as it appears  as though it is morphing from one form into another.

Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

While the previous photos I classified as demure, the following three photos are just down right sexy.

Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014Christopher Guy -Las Vegas Market Summer 2014

Christopher Guy is manufactured out of their own one million square foot workshop in Central Java, Indonesia – a place I know well, as both my parents grew up in the area.  I am familiar with the long history of skilled craftsmen in the region and how they have passed on the tradition of furniture making and wood carving from generation to generation.  Although I am more familiar with their work that reflects the style of the region, which to many can be interpreted as “ethnic”, I must say that it is refreshing to see these craftsmen translate their skills into a more sophisticated and international style such as Christopher Guy.

While at High Point Market next month, I will be leading a group of buyers to tour showrooms, and Christopher Guy will be one of them.    If you are planning on attending High Point Market (which I strongly believe that all designers should), please join me and the High Point Style Spotters for “Style Spotters Live”  on Tuesday, October 21 from 9am-10am, after which I will be leading my group to a special VIP tour to 2 showrooms:  Taracea and Christopher Guy.

On a parting note, last week I was interviewed by Terrys Blinds as part of their “Designer Insights”.  Here’s a snippet of the things that I am lusting after these days (notice how #1 is the Christopher Guy mirror), but for the complete interview please visit the link.

Jeanne K Chung wants - Designer Insights, Terrys Blinds

I feel as though I haven’t written for quite some time.  With the tail end of summer vacation, the kids at home, and several ongoing projects, things were a little hectic and I took an extended leave from writing on the blog.  It’s only been 2 days since my little one returned to school, so I should be back into the full swing of things by next week – I promise!

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