LEGENDS is a 3 day design event held each May which is sponsored by the La Cienega Design Quarter, an upscale area of high end, to the trade furniture and interior design showrooms along La Cienega (from Beverly on the southern end and Santa Monica on the north end, and along Melrose extending out west to the Pacific Design Center and a couple of blocks east of La Cienega along Melrose.

LEGENDS is now in its 5th year and attracts the VIPS, style icons, tastemakers, and movers and shakers in the world of art, architecture, interior design, and fashion.  Attendees from around the country congregate in the showrooms and courtyards along La Cienega and Melrose to network, attend panel discussions, book signings, and cocktail parties, with most events being sold out a week before the event.

Each year, LEGENDS selects an overall theme to honor those that have influenced excellence in design.  This year’s theme was Time Capsule: The Past Present and Future of Design.  Since its inception, the signature of the 3 day event has been the designer decorated windows along the sidewalks of the La Cienega Design Quarter. The showroom windows in the Quarter are designed and executed by prominent designers from around the country.  Some windows are designed to resemble what could be a vignette or living space in an actual home, while others go to town and have implemented theatrics, whimsy, and even social network technology to illustrate their interpretation of the event’s theme

Mary McDonald at Dragonette

Navy blue, white, several shades in between, and a bit of whimsy was the basis of Mary Mc Donald’s window design. Who knew that space travel and chinoiserie could be used together in design!

Cliff Fong at Dragonette

I could have very well situated my derrière on the beautifully worn Chesterfield sofa in Cliff Fong’s window, kicked my feet up onto the coffee table in front, turned up the stereo to The Smiths (whose record jacket rests against the sofa),  and I would have been right at home.  A comfortable, livable space.

 Jane Hallworth at Fuller and Roberts Co.

 Lori Dennis at Stark Home

House of Honey at Waterworks

Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey went to town with the swag on the design for her two windows at Waterworks.  Different shades of gold, ranging from brass with a soft, warm patina to the slightly obnoxious gold of a disco ball that makes my eyes hurt from just looking at it!

Jeff Andrews at Downtown

A simple contrast of black and white with a dizzying effect was the basis of Jeff Andrews’ design for the south window at Downtown.  Looking at it makes me feel as though I’m entering “The Twilight Zone”

Timothy Corrigan at Studio Workshops

Designer Timothy Corrigan mixes classical elements such as the Greek red figure vase with Andy Warhol – I LOVE the contrast in materials, subject matter, and time periods.

Susan Manrao Design at Baker

Susan Manrao’s window integrated technology and social networking into her display.  Tweet a message, and the bulb lights up!

Joshua Rose and Rafael Kalichstein at Antonio’s Bella Casa

Brian Patrick Flynn at Jamal’s Rug Collections

Brian Patrick’s window display was a take on the nuclear family.  A mixed look and feel of the present day and modern day nuclear family.  I have several friends who fall into this category, so I am really digging this window.

Alex Papachristidis at Claremont Furnishing Fabrics Co.

As you can see, there was a wide range of window designs, and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing them all. When I could, I took pictures from inside to eliminate the glare from the glass and sun, but that wasn’t always possible.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Next up – a peek into some of the showrooms I visited while visiting LEGENDS.

All the images in this post are my own.