I recently returned home from Las Vegas Market, held over the course of five days at the World Market Center,  in close proximity to downtown Las Vegas.  Being held in 3 buildings, as opposed to the 150+ buildings at High Point, this market was more manageable, although quite a bit smaller, but it is definitely gaining more momentum as more and more people are being lured by all that Las Vegas has to offer.

In Las Vegas there is more of a range in accommodations and restaurant, and more entertainment options that I can even mention, for those fortunate enough to catch a second wind after market closes for the day.  (I have to say that I’m pretty pooped after a full day and can’t even fathom venturing out past my bedtime, but it’s nice to know that it’s there.)  The Las Vegas Market management did a stellar job in making sure that both the buyers and exhibitors were taken care of during their time at market.  The mornings started off with a “grab and go” breakfast and the evenings concluded with entertainment, food and drinks in the central courtyard, and then later on in the evening, a sponsored party starting at 10 o’clock nightly at one of several choice Las Vegas clubs.  The amenities offered to buyers do make a difference!

Educational seminars were held throughout the week, but the most attended was the “First Look” and “Ahead of the Curve”seminars.  “First Look” highlighted the season’t hottest products making their debut at market and featured HGTV’s Emily Henderson and Monica Pederson, while “Ahead Of The Curve”, discussed the upcoming trends with a panel of three celebrated designers (Alexa Hampton, Ron Woodson, and Windsor Smith), while Susanna Salk acted as moderator. (For more on Ahead of the Curve, visit my previous post “Ahead of the Curve Recap”)  I would definitely return to Las Vegas to attend market again – how could I not?  They made it so easy and enjoyable!

And here’s what you’ve been waiting for, “My Picks of Fresh and Colorful Finds”:

Wall Play from Gold Leaf Design Group

Wall Play, Las Vegas Market summer 2013

For one who revels in high style but on a limited budget, Wall Play is a resource that cannot be missed.  It is the perfect solution for an empty wall that needs a little something but when you do not want to block out a large section of wall space with a massive painting.  Each separate unit is sold separately (and ranges in price of $7.50-$20.00 retail/individual piece).  It allows light wall coverage, with each piece arranged independantly of each other –  in clusters, dense in some areas, and spread out in others.  The gold leafed eggshells on the far left are my personal favorite and adds instant class to an empty wall.

Peking Handicraft

Peking Handicraft - Las Vegas Market summer 2013

Peking Handicraft had the most luxurious selection of colorfully embroidered and embellished pillows.  They had a star studded collection of designer pillow lines such as Trina Turk, Nanette Lepore, Jennifer Paganelli.  The workmanship was impeccable, the designs to die for!

Peking Handicrat, Las Vegas Market summer 2013
Scripps, summer 2013

Waylande Gregory Studios at Codarus Showroom

Waylande Gregory- #LVMkt summer 2013

Waylande Gregory (1905-1971) was a celebrated American Art-Deco sculptor whose work has been collected by art institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian, and the Whitney.   Had it not been for his great-nephew, Bryan Downey,  rediscovering his work and recently reviving  the brand by recreating authentic re-editions of his work, Waylande Gregory’s name might have slipped into obscurity and we would not be so fortunate to enjoy his work today.   Thank you Bryan Downey!!! The Waylande Gregory collection is gorgeous and I know it will enhance more than a few peoples’ lives.

Waylande Gregory, #LVMkt, summer 2013

Colorful and with an Art Deco flair, as that is the period in which they were originally designed by Waylande Gregory himself, the pieces in the Waylande Gregory collection are very “in the moment” in terms of design and could easily be mistaken for work done by a high end, current day artist.  There was nothing from the collection that I did not absolutely love – it was THAT good.

Selamat Designs

resin accent tables/stools - Selamat Designs, #LVMkt, summer 2013

I loved everything at the Selamat showroom, particularly the rattan pieces painted in a soothing coastal chic palette reminiscent of 1950s Malibu,  and the fluted resin accent tables/stools (shown above),  also painted in the same retro coastal chic palette. A perfect way to brighten up a room.

Mary McDonald for Robert Abbey

Mary Mc Donald for Arteriors

First her much acclaimed line of fabric and trim for Schumacher, and now her line of lighting for Robert Abbey – Mary McDonald has done it again.  Beautiful  lamps reminiscent of the Neoclassic/Directoire period, the detailing was exquisite.

Mary McDonald for Robert Abbey

Hillary Thomas at Codarus Showroom

Hillary Thomas finials

I absolutely adore the Hillary Thomas line of finials.  With all the custom color lamp lines that have been popping up lately (Arteriors Home, Robert Abbey, Lamps Plus, to name a few) I can’t think of a more perfect way to complete the customized look than by adding a Hillary Thomas finial on top.

Hillary Thomas finials

The colored agate and malachite finials exude glamour and can instantly transform an ordinary lamp into an extraordinary one – and let’s face it.  We could all use a bit of extraordinary in our lives!



Palacek had a wonderful selection of items in a pretty color palette which brought  me back to colonial Williamsburg.  Perfectly suited for a sophisticated beach house, an indoor/outdoor space, or a laid back family room.

Palacek, #LVMkt, summer 2013

Color is here and it is here to stay!  I am a big fan of everything color, so there’s no complaining over here!  I know that many prefer to decorate in neutrals, as color may be a bit intimidating.  Take a chance and walk on the wild side – venture out a little past your comfort zone and add some color into your life.  It’s amazing how it can brighten up not only your house, but also your day.  If you’re not so confident about making color choices, hire a professional who can help you identify what colors would work in your house and with your furnishings.

Nine years ago, when I moved to New Jersey from California, I painted the walls in my house bright and cheerful colors (the kitchen was the brightest yellow you’ve ever seen) because I knew the winters would be long and dreary, and I knew that without color I would become depressed.  I’ve been back in California for 4 years now and the color on my walls have been toned down a bit (since the sun ALWAYS shines in LA) but color is still all around and I do enjoy little pops of bright and unexpected color all throughout.

Have a wonderful weekend – I can’t believe that summer vacation is coming to an end.  It seems as though just yesterday Big D was studying for his finals and now he’s already going back to school!  If you have kids who have yet to start school, enjoy the break while it lasts.  If you’re anything like me, before you know it you’ll be back to the grind of drop offs, pick ups, making lunches, and lots of grumbling about homework!