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High Point Market Insider’s Tour, Fall 2018

It’s that time again and we’re gearing up for High Point Market, which will be here before you know it.  As always, it will be a busy market with new introductions, panel discussions, networking events, parties, and of course the High Point Market Insider’s Tour,  which I will be leading for the fourth consecutive market.  The Tour is organized by the High Point Market Authority in conjunction with Esteem Media (the group behind the Design Influencers Conference)  My passion has always been to empower designers, and with the democratization of design (as a result of the accessibility that the general public has to products that designers often use in their projects), it has been increasingly more difficult for designers to own a profitable business.  The key is for designers to differentiate themselves from the masses is by providing clients with product that cannot be purchased online or through big-box retailers.  The tour I am leading this market is geared to designers who are looking to expand their horizons and whose focus is on finding unique and one of a kind furnishings that either cannot be purchased in the online marketplace or that offer a level of customization that would exceed what a big-box retail can offer.  I have put together a unique selection of showrooms – ones that I feel would be beneficial and add value to a designer’s repertoire and I’d love to take a select group along with me to familiarize them with what is out there.

High Point Market Insider’s Tour-October 2017 

Why Should You Attend the High Point Market Insider’s Tour this Fall?


For those visiting High Point Market for the first time, a quick breakfast and orientation will introduce you to other newbies to market.  High Point Market consists of 11.5 million square feet of showroom space, so it can be rather daunting to tackle alone with no knowledge of the lay of the land.

New Resources

As a designer, my secret weapon is my imagination and having the resources to be able to offer my clients unique product that no one else has.

That may mean something as small as being able to use one’s own fabric (COM) and changing a finish or as complicated as me sketching something off the top of my head and handing it over to a workroom and having that sketch realized and delivered to a client.

I’ll show you the ropes of where to go to find manufacturers that can customize your upholstery and case goods to make you, the designer look good and your projects stand out in the crowd.

The Swatch Department at Thayer Coggin

Special Events

In past markets we’ve also rubbed elbows with some notable personalities:

Below, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl of Spencer showing the Tour Althorp, his fine-furniture line of reproductions taken from his ancestral home and manufactured by Theodore Alexander.

High Point Market Insider's Tour - Fall 2018

Last year at spring market, the Insider’s Tour was treated to a special session with Trisha Yearwood, who was at market promoting the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection for Klaussner.

High Point Market Insider's Tour - Fall 2018


Seeing great product at market is only one of the reasons I attend High Point Market every Spring and Fall.  Let’s face it – in this day and age, it’s not only about what you know, but it’s also about WHO you know.  Market can sometimes be isolating, especially for the first timer who is also traveling solo.  Five years ago that was me, but I learned early on that to make the most of market, you have to be social!

High Point Market Insider's Tour - Fall 2018


High Point Market has some of the best seminars and panel discussions, so take advantage of what market offers and attend as many events as your schedule permits.  We’ll be attending at least one educational event on the tour to give you a taste of what market offers.  What better way to learn than from the pros?

Above is probably the only time you’ll ever see my face plastered on a bar!

Here are the FAQs on what to know about the High Point Market Insider’s Tour:

  • High Point Market Insider’s Tour – Spring 2019 is free for buyers to participate.
  • The application process is open from now through March 15 or until my tour fills up. In the past it has filled up quickly so the sooner you apply, the better chance you have in securing your spot.
  • You must either be a newbie to High Point Market or cannot have attended more than one market in the last two years.
  • Buyers are responsible for their hotel and travel arrangements to High Point.  You will be contacted as soon as you have been qualified to attend as a Buyer for the Insider’s Tour and High Point Market will provide a concierge to help with travel arrangements. You may also arrange your own travel arrangements
  • Buyers must be available to attend High Point Market on Saturday, April 6,  from approximately 8:30am until 6:00pm.

Please click on the Insider’s Tour logo below to be taken to the application form.  Please take note that the application is just to make sure that you are a member of the home furnishings industry and that you satisfy the requirements listed above.  This is to give other High Point Market newbies the opportunity to get themselves acquainted with market. In addition to the tour I will be leading, four other designers will also be leading tours of the showrooms that they have personally selected. Click  HERE to get better acquainted with these designers.

Spaces are limited and are on a first come/first serve basis, so sign up early to ensure a spot! The tour is a fast paced and we will be covering a lot of ground.  We structure the tour this way to maximize the number of lines, giving you a broader overview of what is available at High Point Market for designers. With a one day tour you will have enough information and time to navigate the remainder of market on your own, targeting the specific showrooms you are interested in. It will be an information packed tour and  I look forward to showing you my top picks High Point at the spring market!