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A Look at the High Point Market Fall 2017 Trends

My recap on High Point Market Fall 2017 trends is finally here!  High Point Market is the highlight of every year, twice a year and the Fall 2017 Market did not disappoint.  This market was a busier market than most, as this market I worked with the High Point Market Authority to lead the first ever High Point Market Insider’s Tour and had less than my usual 6 full days at market.

Over the course of two days,  I led 25 first time buyers to some of my favorite showrooms that are specifically geared for the interior designer in mind, offering products that can be customized or made to a designer’s exact specifications, and unique, one of a kind and vintage options.

During my “down time” (anyone who goes to High Point knows there’s no down time!), I bounced from showroom to showroom to shop for projects and review new lines and introductions to bring into our Pasadena, CA retail and to the trade showroom.  My brain did double duty, as I shopped for products while at the same time worked in the background absorbing everything I came across so that I could put my thoughts and observations together to bring you my report on High Point Market Fall 2017 trends. And here we go!

The Fall 2017 Furniture Trends

  • Soft Curves in Upholstery
  • 1970s Lou Hodges
  • Statement Lighting
  • Dark, Moody Florals
  • Plastered Whites
  • Hardware Details
  • Planar surfaces

Soft Curves in Upholstery

Curves are being celebrated now more than ever and we are showing them off any way we can.  Anna Conda is a new reintroduction from Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin and is a modular sofa that consists of three different components.  Gentle curves can be created by adjusting which pieces go where and can be reconfigured or split up to create separate seating areas.  The name Anna Conda is perfect as the shape can slither every which way depending on which modules are used and how they are configured.

New York designer Robin Baron presented her collection for the first time this October at High Point Market, and we loved her family of softly rounded stools and ottomans.  Noticeably absent are welt edges as flat seams and soft curves are taking over.

“Teardrop” is another new reintroduction from Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin which was originally introduced in 1973. Don’t let the size of this petite swivel and tilt chair fool you, as it feels a lot bigger than it looks.  The soft curves hug the body and the pitch of the back is designed for maximum comfort.  In fact, when I sat down, the gentle motion reminded me of the glider I once had in my son’s nursery but it looked so much more fashion forward and better looking.   In a fun performance fabric, I would put this in my child’s nursery in a heartbeat (if I was still in my childbearing years, which I’m not), but a living room or library in a plush cut velvet would be just as perfect.

In the Style of 1970s Lou Hodges

Curves did not only play a role in upholstery, as was evident when I came across several pieces that reminded me of my childhood growing up in the 70s.  The rounded off edges of this walnut table from Karim Rashid for Huppé recall the post-modern style of Lou Hodges but with a twist, using a stone center and skinny legs, which was not typical of Lou Hodges’ California Design Group aesthetic.

This chair from Eleanor Rigby Leather, pictured below, is also in the style of Lou Hodges for California Design Group. Curved edges and rounded off corners in solid walnut were the designer’s unfussy California signature style.  It’s amazing how different these pieces look when you take them out of the typical 1970s decor. I wasn’t too fond of the style then, but his style is quickly growing on me.

Statement Lighting

There is no better way to make a statement than by making a show-stopping light fixture to set the mood for a space.  No one does this better than Ngala Trading, whose chandeliers are made entirely by hand in South Africa. Leather fringe is meticulously draped and swagged allowing filtered light through the thin strands of leather, resulting in the room being illuminated from above and through the strands of fringe without a harsh glare.  Warm and inviting, the fixtures are grand, but not at all pretentious.

Selamat Designs also uses leather fringe but in a style that is more representative of their signature boho-influenced look.

The M.O.M. Table Lamp by Penta Light is another unexpected showstopping fixture that sits unassumingly on a table or other flat surface.  Made of borosilicate glass in a matte finish, the lamps emit a soft, alluring glow that can illuminate even the darkest corner of a room.

A new breed of lighting has come about where the bulb takes center stage.  By now everyone has seen the ubiquitous Edison bulb.  The standard shape Edison bulb is now being made into a variety of shapes and sizes beyond the standard size bulb and lighting design is just as much about the bulb as it is the fixture.  In the past the light fixture and shade was designed to provide light but disguise the bulb, but now they are designed to frame the bulb in a way where it can be seen and take center stage.

I love how Van Collier incorporates the past with the present with their newest lighting introduction. A little bit industrial, minimalist, and chic all rolled into one.

Carroll by Design also fuses the past with the present by incorporating wood reclaimed from historical buildings from around the country that are carefully dismantled so that the wood can be repurposed into their signature lighting.

Dark, Moody Florals

Large-scale florals in a dark, moody backdrop reminiscent of a Vermeer still-life have been seen everywhere from wallcoverings to textiles, and now in wall art.  This October, Jackie Von Tobel debuted her art Dutch Blooms collection with Left Bank Art and they really do look like a modern-day Vermeer still-life!

The Ambella Home showroom also showed large-scale florals on a dark ground and matched the fabric on their upholstery pieces with the window treatments.  These printed blooms were the only source of color in the room and provided much excitement in an otherwise neutral space.

Plastered Whites

Everyone loves contrast, so when you have moody darks, you are bound to have creamy whites to offset the dark, and that was exactly the case at the fall market.  Fresh white plaster is what came to mind when I saw all the stark white surfaces at market.  Unlike the perfectly glossy whites or the flawless matte white finishes that you often see, these white finishes have a hand-troweled quality to them, which I love.

I came across this vintage sculpture pictured below while taking my group of designers to 214 Modern Vintage, one of my favorite “go-to” places for midcentury finds.  I saw this guy – “neck man” as I call him,  on the first day and couldn’t stop thinking about him, so on the following day while I was leading my second tour, I sealed the deal.  He is now making his way across the country and should arrive in our showroom soon.

High Point Market Fall 2017 trends - Cozy Stylish Chic

I’ve always loved the creamy whites of Oly Studio. Clean and classic but with an edge to every piece they produce. What I love most about them is that their pieces can be incorporated into almost any style space ranging from traditional to modern.  It’s all about how you position the pieces and the balance that you create with the pieces you place.

We just added Oly Studio to our line list in the showroom and it is definitely a favorite among the designers who shop with us!

Hardware Details

Decorative hardware is becoming more and more important – especially as case goods are shifting to more simplified shapes.  The customer that wants detail still exists, and incorporating unique hardware is exactly how to satisfy that niche.

I adore Michelle Workman and her attention to detail – we were both High Point Style Spotters in 2014 and I have admired her work ever since.  Michelle recently launched her own furniture line for French Heritage, and her attention to detail is impeccable.  You may remember her trim line that I covered in a past High Point Market recap.

Robin Baron, who also debuted a line of upholstery at High Point,  showcased a selection of case goods with a choice of decorative hardware.  Hardware can be chosen to showcase your individual style and design aesthetic. Hardware has become the “jewelry”, providing a little bit of bling to each piece of furniture.


The details are not ignored when it comes to modern pieces – they are just a little bit more subtle.  Take for instance, this sideboard by Robert James.  Even though the shape appears simplified, it is far from it and the hardware played an integral part in the design of the sideboard.

Planar Surfaces

A horizontal surface to place a glass of water so that it doesn’t spill.  But why have one planar surface when you can have several.  Having several levels allows some tables to nest (one fitting within the space of another, conserving space while creating visual interest). Nesting tables have been seen on the market for several seasons and are now pretty commonplace.

These are a favorite from Notre Monde.  The surface is a reverse painted glass and the best part is that you can pick up the top of the table and use it as a tray (see the handles in the photo below)

The swivel table is also a way to extend the surface area and has also been a popular choice for conserving space but also giving the option to extend when needed.  The table picture below is a vintage piece that I also picked up at 214 Modern Vintage and is currently making its way across the country and into our showroom.  I can’t wait until this one arrives – it’s not going to last!

High Point Market Fall 2017 trends - Cozy Stylish Chic

We’ve seen a lot of nesting and swivel tables lately, but these slightly offset tables are new to the game, and I like the newness that it brings to the table ( no pun intended)

When there is a mix of two different materials as with Universal Furniture’s Zephyr Cocktail Table,  it is even better.

But a mix of four different metal finishes has to be my favorite.

With High Point Market consisting of 11.5 million square feet of show space, it is nearly impossible to cover as much ground as I would like.  Normally I spend 6 days at market, but this market was cut short on account of me having to head back on Monday to set up for the WestEdge Design Fair back in LA and two days of leading tours. Three days of shopping High Point is not nearly enough but three days at High Point Market is much better than none! But alas,  I think this sums up my observations on the High Point Market Fall 2017 trends.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!  As always, if there is anything in this post you are interested in, we are a retail and to the trade showroom and can assist in sourcing for the consumer as well as for designers, so let us know how we can help you.  All inquiries can be directed to sales@cozystylishchic.com.  I already can’t wait for the Spring 2018 market to roll around.  Hotel is booked!

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic