As one who loves to cook and bake, but who also has an eye for design, I can truly appreciate a kitchen that caters to both the chef and the designer.  While walking the aisles of the Westedge Design Fair that took place this past weekend in Los Angeles, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the Purcell Murray space (the US distributor for the lines that I am discussing in today’s post) Most refer to trade show spaces as “booths”, but this was not a booth – it was an experience.


Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range seen at Westedge, Los Angeles
Appliances aside, how incredible is the hexagon patched wood backsplash?  Talk about killing two design trends with one stone!  As you may remember, I’ve covered how both hexagons and both wood paneling and patched wood paneling are trending in the world of interior design in past blog posts.
Even with a lot of stainless steel and a little bit of white, the warmth of the wood gives the kitchen a nice, comfortable balance.  And the open glass shelving off to the left – to die for! And we haven’t even gotten to the appliances yet!
The Thermador Pro Grand® Steam Range features a high performance 22,000 BTUs burner complete with 6 burners,  a titanium griddle,  a built in steam +convection oven and warming oven.  I don’t think you could possibly ask for any more from a kitchen range.  Sleek and stylish with a commercial grade stainless steel finish, it is well suited for almost any style kitchen, be it traditional, contemporary, or anything in between.
Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range seen at Westedge, Los Angeles
Below,  Gaggenau and Franke offers clean lines, innovative features,  and contemporary styling.
Gaggenau wall oven and Franke Peak sink
Peak Sink by Franke and seen at Westedge Design Fair
The unbeatable contemporary styling of the Franke Peak Sink

La Cornue

The granddaddy of kitchen ranges, the family run business dates back to 1908 and today is still run by the founder’s grandson, Xavier Dupuy.  Built entirely by hand in France, La Cornue is the ultimate culinary status symbol that gastronomes around the globe strive for, but few can actually afford or obtain.  La Cornue is to the serious chef as the Hermès Crocodile Birkin  and Kelly bag is to the diehard fashionista.

La Cornue kitchen ranges
La Cornue kitchen ranges

The La Cornue Château Series

Signature brass burners with 30 enamel and metal finishes and 12 trims, each Château range is available in multiple oven and cooktop configurations.  For the serious chef, 2 types of ovens can be specified- gas for “wet” heat, which is perfect for roasting, and electric for a “dry” heat, which is perfect for baking.
In Europe, people take their appliances with them when they move, and even though I live in the US, I would probably do the same if I had invested  $46,000 (or more) into my kitchen range.
La Cornue kitchen range
La Cornue kitchen range

The La Cornue Flamberge Rôtisserie

As one who roasts chickens on a regular basis, the Flamberge Rôtisserie would be a most welcome addition to my kitchen, as my mode of roasting chicken is not quite the experience nor as technologically advanced as this. I can’t say I could watch my chicken roast for 1 1/2 hours in my current roasting set up, but with this beauty 1 1/2 hours would seem to whiz by as I stare, mesmerized by the beauty of the rôtisserie itself . 27,000 BTUs and powered by a gas burner at the base, the heat travels up the rear wall constructed of cast iron and is held in place by synthetic wicks.  Because the meat is cooked via indirect heat, the crust is nice and crisp while the meat remains juicy and full of flavor.

La Cornue Flamberge Rôtisserie
And did you know that the La Cornue product portfolio includes sinks and cabinetry?  Exclusive to the US Market, the La Cornue range of fireclay sinks is simple yet classic and timeless.
La Cornue fireclay sink

La Cornue cabinetry offers traditional wood cabinetry as well as a more modern metal and enamel cabinetry in response to the demand of clients who wanted the signature look of the La Cornue range to extend throughout the kitchen.  Each cabinet is custom made to the specifications of the client, and has the same “bespoke” appearance as the La Cornue range.

La Cornue cabinetry

One of these days I’d love to test out what it is like to cook on the products I’ve covered today.  There’s nothing like being able to take yourself for a “test drive” to really experience what each appliance has to offer.  For instance, I know that when I cook on my range at home, the corner on the right closest to me burns faster than any other area on the skillet and each burner isn’t wide enough for my extremely large pans and skillets (which means I should be in the market for a new range – perhaps one of these above?!?)  I also do a lot of wok cooking, and I know there are some ranges that are better suited for wok cooking than others. Not all appliances are the same and everyone has different cooking styles, so if you’re in the market for new kitchen appliances I would highly recommend taking the time to test each one you are considering.

This wraps it up for my Westedge kitchen segment.  Next up on the blog – innovative lighting finds!