This week I am headed to Frankfurt, Germany to cover the international textile trends at Heimtextil 2022.  The last time Heimtextil was held was in January 2020, and this time, because it was postponed from this past January, I will be attending the special summer edition.  Since the last time I attended,  a lot has changed in the word.  It will be interesting see how the changes that have taken place since 2020 have influenced the color palette and textiles for the home and interior design market.

For this reason, you may want to take a quick look back where we left off in early 2020 to see where the textile trends were pre-pandemic on my Heimtextil 2020 trends post.  After that,  you can come back to see this Heimtextil 2022 preview. It will certainly be interesting to see how the color and textile trends have evolved over the last 2 1/2 years once I land in Germany and walk the trade fair.


Heimtextil Preview 2022-23
Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil

This time, the theme for Heimtextil 2022 is Next Horizons.  Next Horizons are not goals, but are long-term mindsets.  Our world is changing and as a result will we must adapt.  Likewise, our economy cannot function without the raw materials found on this Earth – water, animals, plants, etc.  Therefore, we we must shift our mindset to the following ideas:

  • Accept that our economies are embedded with nature.
  • The future of design should not create waste
  • We must adopt a circular mindset in which the composition of objects should be made and recirculated.

Here is a quick synopsis of the four key design and color trends that encompass “Next Horizons”, the overarching theme for Heimtextil 2022-23:

DEEP NATURE – Heimtextil 2022 Preview

Deep Nature - Heimtextil 2022 Preview
Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil
Deep Nature - Heimtextil 2022 Preview
Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil

The natural world is out of balance.  Industrial and technological innovations have helped shape the world economy over the last several centuries.  However, at the same time these innovations have created an imbalance in nature’s system. As a result, we must relearn nature’s ways and how to readjust the balance if we are to preserve the Earth’s resources.

Essential and organic tones create the color scale for Deep Nature. It is a return to our natural legacy of undyed materials in tones of sandy beiges and browns to create a slow crafted, natural expression. The color scale for Deep Nature has a harmonious, soft, and conceptual expression with delicate greyed shades of blue and soft rouge.

The Deep Nature key takeaways:

  • Material awareness and long term thinking of how to restore balance in nature.
  • Deep Nature materials are sourced using natural materials that can be regenerated in a circular process.
  • The Deep Nature consumer values the Earth, are eco-conscious and want to change the current  patterns that create imbalance in nature’s system.

HYPER NATURE – Heimtextil 2022 Preview

Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil
Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil

The Hyper Nature color palette ranges from supernatural and intense shades of green and violet.  By the same token the colors are vivid and reflect a hybrid of nature and a computer generated metaverse.  Furthermore, reflective qualities paired with artificial light and highlights of raspberry and salmon bring this trend to life.

Hyper Nature is about the digital world’s interpretation and representation of nature. When digital realities become part of technological devices the transform in a new way to reconnect with the natural world.

The key takeaways from the Hyper Nature trend:

  • Hyper Nature is about connecting to nature through technology.
  • Hyper Nature is not only about digitalizing the natural world but going beyond for a new tactility and hybrid reality
  • The vivid colors of Hyper Nature connect with a younger, more tech-connected audience

BEYOND IDENTITY – Heimtextil 2022 Preview

Beyond Identity - Heimtextil 2022 Preview
Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil
Beyond Identity - Heimtextil 2022 Preview
Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil

Beyond Identity is redifining what pastel means.  The key colors feature a range of pastels, complemented with a familiar grey and pale khaki.  In addition, a highlight orange creates gradient splashes, and the overall palette is desaturated .  It is all about soft mixing.

The identities of future generations are in constant flux.  They want their values to be heard and want to bring positive and hopeful messages for the future.  Their defiance is soft, yet powerful.  The Beyond Identity trend shows a transformation of identity and renewed perception of color.

The Beyond Identity key takeaways:

  • addresses the future with a soft yet powerful defiance towards the existing norm.
  • the pastel color palette confirms that sustainability doesn’t need to be “earthy”.
  • Soft and harmonious color combinations express change for a better world.

EMPOWERED IDENTITY – Heimtextil 2022 Preview

Empowered Identity - Heimtextil 2022 Preview
Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil
Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: SPOTT for Heimtextil

The Empowered Identity color palette consists of rooted yet rebellious hues.  Primary colors resemble their pigment origins.  In addition, accents of coral and a greyed lilac accompany these primary tones.  Together, colorful expressions and combinations send out positive and symbolic messages.

Empowered Identity is about creating sustainable cultural connections.  It is about connecting with the past and identify with it through craft heritage. Empowered Identity encourages collaboration with the past, connecting cultures with the next generations and driving sustainable transformation.

Empowered Identity key takeaways:

  • Empowered Identity is about sustainable cultural connections with artisan sources as inspiration.
  • turns heritage into design activism to create positive and social change.
  • appeals to those who enjoy experimentation and extrovert expressions.

I hope you enjoyed this quick Heimtextil 2022 Preview.  I’ll be posting lots of content live from the show floor starting on Tuesday, the first day of the show.  In addition to covering the Trend Space that Heimtextil puts together every year, I look forward to exploring the show to cover the newest and most inspiring textile introductions.  Another focus that I will be concentrating on will be sustainability.  Sustainability was a big focus and occupied a growing footprint on the trade show floor when I last visited Heimtextil in 2020 and I know that the footprint is growing even larger.  Our economy faces so many issues with the supply chain, a fluctuating workforce, and the imbalances in nature that I mentioned in this post.  The industry is placing a bigger focus on creating an awareness that will create a more sustainable environment for future generations.

Stay tuned… with a 2 1/2 year hiatus, I will have a lot to report from Heimtextil.  Auf wiedersehen until then…

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic