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Earlier this month I traveled to Frankfurt, Germany to attend Heimtextil,  the world’s largest trade fair dedicated to textiles and wallcovering for the home furnishings industry.  I also attended Heimtextil last year and having the opportunity to attend again this year allowed me to see how the 2020 textile trends  have evolved since last year.

Trend Space - Heimtextil 2020

Messe Frankfurt GMbH | Photo: Pietro Sutera


Among the highlights of Heimtextil 2020 was Trend Space, an area dedicated to showcasing the 2020  textile trends that will shape the home furnishings market this year.  It truly is a treat to have a compilation of the best of the best – textiles, wall coverings, trim and bedding  – all in one place.  The ability to touch, feel, manipulate the materials and see them up close is an invaluable experience.

Trend Space - Heimtextil 2020

Messe Frankfurt GMbH | Photo: Pietro Sutera


The overarching theme for Heimtextil 2020”s Trend Space was “Where I Belong”, which embraces the notion that in today’s world there is no “one size fits all”.  We live in a diverse world consisting of multiple cultures and identities and there is no need to identify with just one.

The main themes that make up “Where I Belong”:

  • Heritage Lux
  • Mulit-Local
  • Maximum Glam
  • Pure Spiritual
  • Active Urban
Heimtextil Trend Space Where I Belong

Messe Frankfurt GmBH | Photo: Pietro Sutera

Heritage Lux

The Heritage Lux trend is built on the notion that what is old must be preserved and made current by adding interest that will provide longevity. 

Heritage Luxe - Heimtextil 2020

This trend is not about duplication.  The materials used and the connection they make with the architecture around us are the added value. The old buildings of today will be the hotels of tomorrow. People look for an emotional connection to the places they visit.  

Heritage Lux Textile Trends - Heimtextil 2020

This trend is identified by traditional patterns and craft aspects.  The color palette consists of rich, warm metallics – gold and bronze, fancy jacquard weaves, sateen, velour, and embellishments include variations of fringe. Fabrics are hardly ever plain and the details add a visual interest that have an enduring quality.

Multi- Local

The Multi-Local trend could very well be the most important theme this season, as this trend includes and embraces materials from all around the world.  This trend appreciates and celebrates each other’s heritage and culture.

Mutil-local Textile Trends

Our experiences shape the spaces in which we live.  This trend has meaningful colors –  the colors and figurative patterns are derived from tribes and are a nostalgic view into their past.


Maximum Glam

Maximum Glam is all about adornment and putting the textiles on stage.

Maximum Glam Trend SpaceThe distraction of  immersive experiences are used to entertain us, and we use this to divert our attention away from  the reality of life. (I have to admit that this was the first time I’ have ever seen pole dancers at a textile trade show!)

Maximum glam Trend Space - Heimtextil pole dancers

Messe Frankfurt GMbH | Photo: Pietro Sutera

Maximum Glam is identified by materials that are produced using multi layers and techniques.  This trend is about collaboration – materials that involve a multitude of processes to create the end result.  Scanned and manipulated prints and photography undergo additional processes to add visual and tactile interest.


Pure Spiritual

Pure Spiritual Trend Space - Heimtextil 2020

Pure Spiritual is inspired by nature.  People want traceable materials. This trend is more about weaves and not so much print.  Knitted materials are coming on strong because of  their function and texture – comfy and soft.  Surface treatments and special yarns, instead of print, are most important.


Active Urban

Active Urban is about practicality and utilitarian materials.  Invisible value, such as performance qualities, are a part of the Active Urban trend.


The materials are functional, technical, and simple,  but they also look good.  Longevity is key, but in a way different than that of Heritage Lux.  Active Urban is about textiles that last by utilizing sustainable systems and processes.  The message is that of “less and better”.



Below is the complete color guide of the colors behind each trend theme:


Stilinsitut amsterdam did a phenomenal job in presenting this year’s textile trends. Product utiizing the concepts presented at Heimtextil 2020 will be popping up in 2020 and into 2021. Tomorrow, in my continuing post,  I will share my own personal observations (and lots of supporting images)  from the show.  Rather than one long post, it was best to split into two separate posts.  This will give you some breathing room to absorb all the content. So remember to stop by for more tomorrow, or better yet, subscribe to the blog, and it will come your way automatically.


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