Heimtextil 2020 Preview

Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photographer: Maurice Aeshimann / Bart Hess


Happy New Year!  I hope 2020 is off to a good start.  Mine definitely is.  In a couple of days I will be heading to Frankfurt, Germany to attend the 50th anniversary of Heimtextil, the world’s largest  textile trade show geared specifically for interior design.  It is a gathering place for retailers, wholesalers, designers, architects, furniture and bedding store buyers.  Here they preview the newest textile introductions and see (and experience) the textile trends  for 2020/21.  Many of you may recall that I attended last year.  It was a valuable experience, and I had so much to report in my Heimtextil 2019 Trend Report.  I plan to do the same this year.

Heimtextil 2019 trends

Trends seen at Heimtextil 2019 via the lens of Jeanne K Chung

In addition to Trend Space, there are several other areas that I will focus on at Heimtextil 2020.  Sustainability continues to build steam, in part because of their recent collaboration to globally  further the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  This year there are more sustainable  products than ever with over 250 companies presenting sustainably produced textiles.  The Green Directory provides an exhibitor index focusing on sustainability.  Green Tours and the Green Village will also provide answers an solutions to those seeking information on green issues. Heimtextil’s newly developed Material Manifesto has committed to approach the conception of Trend Space by  practicing sustainability.  By using local resources, environmentally friendly material  alternatives,  rented and loaned materials, manage waster responsibly, and design for recyclability Heimtextil is also doing their part  in avoiding excess waste.

Heimtextil product segments

Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin/Pietro Sutera

Having the previous year under my belt, it will be interesting to see how the textile trends have evolved since last year. One thing that I have noticed  from the trend preview is that color is still present, but it appears that the saturation has been dialed down a notch.  This year’s encompassing theme is #WHERE I BELONG  which addresses the multifaceted characteristics of the five Heimtextil 2020-21 trends that have been identified by stiljinstituut amsterdam.   Stiljinstituut Amsterdam is a Netherlands  based trend agency responsible for the content and implementation of this year’s Trend Space, the highlight of Heimtextil.


This year’s overarching theme shows that one size does not fit all.  We are mulit-faceted individuals but have been given permission to identify with more than one group.  Diversity in personality and appearance is to be embraced and celebrated, much like today’s society.

#whereibelong Heimtextil 2020 textile trend theme

Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photographer: Bart Hess

This year’s 5 trends that encompass #WHERE I BELONG:

  • MAXIMUM GLAM – turns the glamorous life tech-savvy
  • PURE SPIRITUAL – finds balance in nature and mysticism
  • ACTIVE URBAN – values utilitarian, adaptable solutions
  • HERITAGE LUX – celebrates rich, historical legacies
  • MULTI-LOCAL – embraces global, cultural influences


Maximum Glam - maximalism textile trends

Image representing the trend MAXIMUM GLAM / Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: Jose Hevia Blach

Individuals crave intense experiences – Instagrammable moments to self-express.  These moments create a need for a new virtual reality where multi-sensory experiences occur on-screen and are inspired by real-life tactility.


Pure Spiritual - 2020 textile trends

Image representing trend PURE SPIRITUAL / Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Life in today’s political climate and global uncertainty is leading to increased anxiety.  To counterbalance this fast-paced, hectic, and changing world, individuals are turning to nature and ancient spiritual practices.


Active Urban - 2020 textile trends

Image representing trend ACTIVE URBAN / Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: Ronald Smits

Active Urban is geared towards younger, design-driven consumers living an active, city lifestyle.  Simplicity, affordability, and flexibility with a priority on function and aesthetics is key.


Heritage Lux - 2020 textile trends

Image representing the trend HERITAGE LUX / Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: Bart Hess

Society is realizing the need to embrace and celebrate global heritage.  What is gone cannot be replaced but can be reimagined in an inspiring way.  The renewed feel for the ancient coincides an increasing desire for the magical.


Multi-Local - 2020 Textile Trends, ethnic, diverse

Image representing the  trend MULTI-LOCAL / Provacateur and pop star “Charly Boy” in his home in Abuja, Nigeria / Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Photo: Stephen Tayo

Global design is no longer led by the West.  Instead, there are strong design  influences  coming from  Asia, the Middle East,  and African countries.  In these countries, cultural heritage is revered and  layered with global influences.

Heimtextil 2020 – Follow Along!

Heimtextil takes place January 7-10, 2020 at Messe Frankfurt and the trade fair will be buzzing with a lot of events, including a fête to celebrate Heimtextil’s 50th Anniversary.  Many I know have expressed an interest to attend Heimtextil.  You might not be attending this year but perhaps you might next year?  In the meantime, you can follow along while I provide live coverage on my social media channels:

Other journalists will also be attending and will be using the hashtags: #Heimtextil #Heimtextil20 #MesseFrankfurt #WHEREIBELONG There is nothing like attending Heimtextil in the flesh, but following tgese hashtags is the next best thing.   You won’t be disappointed by the inspiration, creativity, and the head start of what to expect in interior textile trends.  Next stop, Frankfurt!

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic