Uncategorized | January 24, 2013
Things I am in Love with Right NOW!!

1. How cool would these knobs be, in mixed patterns on a bright lacquered chest? • 2. Love the chunkiness of this Davd Yurman bracelet – looks half badass, half hipster • 3. Just a pretty simple labradorite pendant , but I love it! • 4. Agate coasters and in EMERALD, no less! • 5. Mophie juice pack for my iPhone and…

Design | January 17, 2013
Let There Be Light

Nothing makes a home more cozy than a pretty light fixture emitting a warm glow. Nowadays there are so many different light fixture options, but after searching high and low, not very many that I would consider worthy of my attention (yes, I admit I am a snob when it comes to certain things, and this is one of them.)…

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