Crypton by Kravet Contract

Crypton by Kravet Contract
Photo via Kravet Contract

Have you ever walked into a home to discover that the upholstered furniture is covered in plastic?   I can’t count how many times I’ve encountered homes, big and small, in which parents either cover their furniture with plastic or do not bother to invest in good upholstery until the kids are older, in fear that their investment will be destroyed.  No matter how beautiful and expensive the upholstery is, if it’s covered in plastic, you might as well get rid of it.  It’s probably no surprise that plastic covered furniture is one, if not my biggest, pet peeve because I know that there is an alternative solution out there and it kills me to see families settling on the decor of their home for the sake of the kids.

I recently ventured out to New York for Blogfest, where I had the privilege of touring the Kravet design studio – with Ellen Kravet herself!  There I was introduced to Crypton fabric, the newest addition to the Kravet Contract division.  Crypton fabric offers “extreme stain, moisture, and microbial protection” and is  designed for corporate and hospitality environments, but that is not to say that it cannot be used in the home. I was extremely impressed by the variety of choices they have available – solids, jacquards, stripes, textures – they have it all.

Kravet Contract studio
The Kravet Contract design room, with Ellen Kravet on the right.  Photo by Jeanne Chung

Crypton fabric is designed to withstand the rigors of a public environment, so it is definitely durable enough to withstand the rigors of a family with kids – even mine.

Crypton by Kravet Contract
Photo by Jeanne Chung

Because Crypton fabric was designed for hospitality, health care, and corporate environments, many of the options are geared towards the design needs of those industries.  However, there are several options available that could very well be used in the home.  With Crypton, durability meets style.  Below are my picks for the home.

Cozy•Stylish•Chic's picks of Crypton fabrics for the home
30161-630  •  31542-411,  •  29050-1516  •  30163-523  •  31543-516  •  30156-35
31534-315  •  31854-3  •  31523-3

So there you have it.  Beautiful design, no worries, and best of all, no hideous plastic!!! Crypton – it’s the solution to stress free living with kids in a beautifully decorated home.

Exciting news- Last week I received an email informing me that ASID LA had chosen my recent post on Dwell Labs: A Tour of 4 Urban Loft Apartments at 1600 Vine as the winning submission in their contest and my post will be published in ASID LA’s quarterly,  LA Design Magazine.