Earlier this week I posted about the soon to be released, ultra-glam Rolls Royce Wraith, so today I am ending the week in style with the interior design equivalent – a stroll through the über-luxe Las Vegas showroom of Christopher Guy.  Christopher Guy started his business over twenty years ago producing mirrors, but has since evolved into a successful and much sought after luxury lifestyle brand consisting of home furnishings, accessories, lighting, and mirrors.  The collection embodies international style, elegance, and sophistication, and can be found gracing the rooms of the world’s finest homes and internationally renown hotels.
Many of Christopher Guy’s designs are inspired by different design elements of the past, and are translated (oftentimes by playing with proportion), resulting in a unique style all his own.  It is not at all unusual to find Art Deco architectural details as the base of a console, hand carved Baroque legs adorning the legs of a chair, serpentine Rococo lines carved on a mirror frame, or the undulating profile of a Brancusi sculpture incorporated into the base of a table lamp.
Plush textures at every turn…
The piece above reminds me of the fashion illustrations that I produced in Life Drawing during my time at Parsons – the exaggerated curvature of the female back is forever embedded in my memory…
 An homage to Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” but with a play on color and intensity.
 A contrast in color and texture results in dramatic spaces such as that seen above.
Oftentimes a little “over the top”, Christopher Guy’s creations exude opulence and sophistication.

On a side note, it is not at all surprising that Christopher Guy has mentioned Indonesian designer Jaya Ibrahim, whose work I have long admired, as the source of much of his inspiration.  In my former life I lived in Singapore, Jakarta, and Bali, and I too, have been a big fan of Ibrahim’s work.  I spent many evenings at The Legian Hotel in Bali when it first opened- the project to have put Ibrahim’s name on the map.

The Christopher Guy name has always been synonymous with luxury and drama, and now you can see why.