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Home Furnishings | April 3, 2013
Eye on Pasadena: De-Cor, a "Globally Inspired" Collection of Artifacts, Furniture and Textiles

De-Cor I hope you’re all ready for some color today.  After the gloomy Easter weekend weather here in California, I’m sure you could use a little pick me up, so with today’s post I am going to treat you all with a visit to De-Cor, a fabulous “globally inspired” showroom of artifacts, furniture, and textiles in my hometown of Pasadena,…

Home Furnishings | March 6, 2013
Blue and White Ginger Jars get a Room Makeover

Grant K. Gibson As you all may know, earlier this week I was busy attending the Design Bloggers Conference, where for the past two days I had the pleasure of listening to a star studded panel of guest speakers, all of whom are influential in the world of interior design and blogging. One of those guest speakers was Windsor Smith,…

Home Furnishings | February 1, 2013
My Perfect Workspace

So here it is – my perfect workspace.  Lots of natural sunlight, large work area, ample storage, bright white walls (which are necessary when working with color all day), everything within arm’s reach, a wall for pictures, a comfortable task chair, and most importantly, a door. 1      The last few weeks I have been spending a LOT of…

Home Furnishings | January 25, 2013
Raising the Bar

Whenever  I go to my mother in law’s house, I always find myself admiring her beautiful collection of perfume bottles, so perfectly arranged on her bathroom shelf.  The other day I stopped by my good friend, Nicole’s house, and I found myself just as mesmerized by the bottles on her shelf, but instead of perfume bottles, I found myself admiring…

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