Benjamin Moore-Century LA Product Launch

Benjamin Moore Century vignette at Cozy Stylish Chic

Twin Star Home Showroom Style Takeover – Las Vegas Market, Winter 2019

For the Twin Star Home Style Takeover, I was given a budget of $1000 to style 3 spaces within the Las Vegas Showroom, each with a specific target consumer. Although I was given a layout and photographs of the furniture a month in advance, I had one day to put together and style all three spaces.

“Showhouse in a Showroom” at the Alden Parkes Showroom/High Point Market, Fall 2018

For the “Showhouse in a Showroom” Alden Parkes partnered with Replacements, Eastern Accents, Capa Rugs for tabletop, bed linens, and rugs. All other items used were the responsibility of the designer to procure from their own resources.

Sony LifeSpace UX Booth for the 2017 WestEdge Design Fair

Sony LifeSpace UX – Initial Booth Concept | WestEdge Design Fair 2017

Sony LifeSpace UX – Photoshoot Stylist

Sony LifeSpace UX Booth- 2016 WestEdge Design Fair