Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve performance carpet

Performance Carpet

While recently attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), I was given an overview of the newest addition to Mohawk’s line of performance carpet: Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve.  As I have reported in previous posts, performance has become a major trend in interior design, and the consumer has quickly become accustomed to expecting performance products for the home when they are redecorating or remodeling.  However,  not all products are created the same.

You may recall 2 years ago when I also attended KBIS with BlogTour and we toured the New American Home, all outfitted in Mohawk Smartstrand Forever Clean.  Mohawk’s newest introduction has the same performance qualities as its predecessor, only now it has seen an evolution of soft that is unmatched in the market. While in the past it was all about performance, strength, and cleanability, the consumer has now evolved and is demanding more.  Luckily, technology too,  has evolved and Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve delivers with their softest carpet to date.

Performance Carpet Plus Softness

White carpet is a popular choice for the modern home, but many decide against it for fear of not being able to keep it looking clean.  Fear no more, as Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve features Nanoloc technology, which allows for quick and easy cleanup should even a red wine spill or a pet have an accident (0% moisture absorption, so pet odors are also a thing of the past)  If it is that durable, it’s probably rough and scratchy, right?  Actually, no.  Because of today’s advances in technology, Smartstrand Silk Reserve is engineered with the latest in strength, stain resistance, AND softness.

Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve performance carpet

To prove their point as to the strength and stain resistance, Mohawk performed a test with Max, a 5400 lb Southern White Rhinoceros who calls the Birmingham Zoo his home.  Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve was installed in one of the zoo enclosures, and a competitive premium soft white nylon carpet on the other side.  For two weeks, Max was let loose to live on, play on, do his business on (yes, that means pee and poop) both carpets.  At the end of two weeks, both carpets were professionally cleaned.  Smartstrand Silk Reserve came out looking exactly as it did going in.  The other carpet?  Well, let’s just say it didn’t fare quite as well.

Barefoot and Bellinis with Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve

To experience the softness, Mohawk invited BlogTour KBIS for an evening of “Barefoot and Bellinis”, where 24+ interior design bloggers were set free in a private room in the Ritz Carlton, carpeted wall to wall in Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve performance carpet. There, all 24 of us, who had been on our feet from morning to night walking the seemingly endless rows at the trade show,  kicked off our shoes and socks, and spent the evening barefoot and reveling in the softness under our feet and between our toes, all while sipping bellinis and nibbling on petites bouchées.  All day on our feet and pounding the pavement at the show, there couldn’t have been a more perfect way to pamper our feet – enveloped in the softest, plush fibers of Mohawk Smartstrand Silk Reserve performance carpet.


Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic

Sponsored Post: I attended KBIS with BlogTourKBIS, and travel and expenses were paid for by several sponsors including Mohawk, however, all observations and opinions are my own.