The “Best of Dwell on Design” focuses on the best new product and innovations I came across at Dwell on Design.  Dwell on Design encompasses the best in modern design and living, so the product showcased ranged from innovative technology equipped kitchen fixtures to  luxury Airstreams. To check out the biggest design trends seen at Dwell on Design from my unique perspective, see my Dwell on Design Trend Recap.

Onto the “Best of Dwell on Design”…
Dwell on Design-Dornbracht Pivot     One of my favorites because of it’s sheer sophisticated beauty, was Dornbracht‘s Pivot faucet in Cyprum – a rose gold hue created with fine gold and copper.  Warm metallic finishes are coming back into the kitchen and this is the most sensuous I’ve yet to see.

Dwell on Design-Ray of Light     “Rays of Light”, an innovative light solution by designer Trinidad Campbell, features acrylic rods that are outfitted with LED lights.  I love all the different rays of color radiating from a common center axis.

Dwell-on-Design-Dark-Light-Labs     These Telesto walnut sconces from Dark Light Labs can be made in custom sizes up to 6.5 feet long and the look can be customized by changing out the finish (aluminum, copper or brass) and using either an incandescent or LED bulb.  I personally prefer the warm glow of copper on the right and can envision it in a number of sizes and applications.

Dwell-on-Design-StayAKA     As a resident of AKA Beverly Hills, an exclusive extended stay residence perfectly situated in the heart of Beverly Hills, one can rent AKA’s luxury mobile suite, a top of the line Airstream 2 Go outfitted with signature AKA amenities.  The AKA mobile suite takes California “glamping” to an entirely new level.  Custom crafted lattes from a Nespresso machine, Trina Turk designer pillows and accessories, Bulgari bath amenities – I think I could get use to “roughing it” AKA style!

Dwell-on-Design-Sitskie     The Block Chair and Block Bench, made by Sitskie, are constructed of interlocking wood blocks placed on top of a high-grade foam.   Don’t let the hard wood appearance fool you, because the Block series from Sitskie sits unlike any other.  The blocks mold to each curve in the body, while the foam below provides support.

Dwell-on-Design-Axor-Nendo     The Axor Waterdream by Nendo is the latest collaboration between Axor and Oki Sato of the Japanese design firm Nendo.  Nendo pushes the boundaries in the home with the Axor Waterdream, where water and light coexist. Take a shower or pull up a chair and read a book – you decide.

Dwell on Design -Clock One     ClockONE designed by Andy Mitchelides of Twelve24Clocks utilizes the latest in E-ink technology (the same technology behind the Amazon Kindle).  Weighing in at less than 4 lbs. and a slim 4mm profile, the ClockOne is designed to be a piece of art in a room and not only brings modern,upscale simplicity to any room, but it is easy to install and maintain.  One year, one battery, and installs with a unique magnetic mount.

Dwell on Design-Dornbracht7         For the culinary enthusiast, Dornbracht’s eUnit Kitchen is revolutionary.  You can program the amount of water you need, and it will automatically dispense the desired amount, eliminating the need for a measuring cup.  In addition, the flow and temperature can be adjusted.  The best part –  a foot sensor which allows you to turn the faucet off and on without having to lift a finger.  Perfect for those times when you need an extra hand!

Dwell-on-Design-Hutte-Hut     The Hütte Hut, from Carpinteria based Sprouting Sprocket Studio was the Dwell on Design Award Winner in the outdoor category and you can see exactly why. Beautifully shaped and constructed of faceted wood that highlights the natural wood grain, craft and design meets the great outdoors!

Dwell on Design-Franz Viegener 3     Bright red accents seemed to be everywhere at Dwell on Design, but these red faucets from Franz Viegener were my favorite, as they bring a fresh pop of color to the otherwise color-void “Industrial Chic” movement.

Dwell on Design-Galanter and Jones     Aaron and Miranda Jones, a brother and sister design duo, are the brains behind the heated outdoor furniture line Galanter & Jones.  Perfect for the climate in California, because no matter how hot it can get during the day, night always calls for a light sweater or some source of heat. The back and seat on Galanter & Jones outdoor seating are integrated into one in a cast stone seat (available in a variety of custom color options) and metal base.  It uses a minimal amount of energy, can be adjusted to your desired temperature, and can be left out to weather the elements without having an effect on the look or performance of the chair.  Attractive, cozy, and low maintenance – I’ll take one!

Note that there are a few products that were posted in my “Dwell on Design Trend Recap”  that also warrant being placed in the “Best of Dwell on Design”.  It’s not too hard to figure out which ones I am referring to.  As always, Dwell on Design had a huge offering of innovative product,  informative and thought provoking presentations, and brought together the best in modern design and living all under one roof.  Also, situated a block and a half away was (and still is – until July 19) the Dwell Design Source Showcase at Met Lofts.  Here,  3 loft suites were transformed into creative spaces that encompasses Dwell living – an urban design aesthetic that is both modern and  eco-friendly.  Here you can see the latest product (many of which were Dwell on Design exhibitors) in an actual environment. Don’t miss it!

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