The 3D Wall Trend at Dwell on Design

3D wall design was a predominant trend seen at Dwell on Design, an annual  3-day celebration of modern design that was held recently in Los Angeles.  The show floor was smaller than in past years, but there were a handful of notable vendors that made a presence with their unique products.

One of the standout trends that I noticed was 3D walls. While I’ve seen 3D walls made from Bamboo from Plyboo in past markets, manufacturers have taken the 3D wall to another level with their latest introductions that are some of the most sophisticated design to date.

Fractal by Plyboo

As mentioned earlier, Plyboo has been at the forefront of 3D wall design for some time, but the introduction of their new Fractal line takes their product to an entirely different level. The graphic pattern, the visual optical quality, and the ability to create different patterns both within the same color range or by introducing new colors across a large wall, make Fractal a design element that I can see being used extensively in residential and commercial applications.  Their online design tool is also a great way to help in customizing your walls with different colors and configurations, and also calculates how much a Fractal wall would cost.

Fractal by Plyboo - Dwell on Design 2017

Fractal by Plyboo at Dwell on Design 2017 | Cozy Stylish Chic

Fractal by Plyboo at Dwell on Design 2017 | Cozy Stylish Chic

MR Walls with Corian by Mario Romano

Corian, made by Dupont, is a material that I remember from the past – a solid surface countertop material that has an unlimited color range, anti-microbial properties, a seamless appearance, non-porous qualities, etc., but it has fallen from favor in recent years…until now.  It wasn’t until I saw M.R. Walls made with Corian at Dwell on Design that I saw what Corian is truly capable of.  After seeing all the capabilities, I think it’s the greatest design material since sliced bread!  The Corian I know from many years back, is a solid surface used as a countertop surface that once had the stigma of appearing in the not-so design conscious home.  Corian on its own doesn’t seem that special, considering there are so many products, on the market, both natural and engineered,  that offer similar properties.  However, Corian coupled with today’s modern CNC-machining capabilities can provide the interior design and architecture sectors with so much more and the possibilities are endless! I always speak to the virtues of customization in design, but this is more than just color and finish options.

Corian imagined by Mario Romano at Dwell on Design 2017

Unlike tile or print, M.R. Walls is unique in that many slabs of Corian can be connected to create a giant surface.  Because of Corian’s unique properties, seams can be eliminated using the same type of compound from which Corian is created as the glue, and it is sanded down until the seam is virtually invisible.  Today’s sophisticated computer software programs used in conjunction with a CNC machine makes creating sculptural 3D designs with no repeatable pattern a possibility.  Mario Romano’s designs are inspired by nature – undulations in sand, a butterfly’s wings, water, and his representation of these elements in Corian are truly inspiring.

Corian-Mario Romano - Dwell on Design 2017

Corian-3D design wall trend at Dwell on Design 2017

You may have seen Romano’s “Wave House“, built in Venice, CA using CNC-tooled Corian.  Be sure to have a look – his home is unlike anything I’ve seen and will leave you inspired.


Southern California based Archoterra is an eco-friendly architectural surface company that produces decorative wall coverings and veneers out of post-consumer recycled materials mixed with water-based bonding agents and natural additives.

Archoterra -3D design wall trend at Dwell on Design 2017

The amalgamated blend is pressed into sheets that can be made into wall coverings, cabinetry, ceilings, and more.  Available in 38 colors and an assortment of 3- dimensional patterns, the material can easily be attached to any wall or substrate.

Archoterra - 3D design wall trend at Dwell on Design 2017

What are your thoughts on the 3D wall design trend?  Which one is your favorite and are you most likely to use in your own home and projects?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic