Looking for An Alternative to Brushed Stainless Steel?

Tired of the brushed stainless steel look in your kitchen? Eurocucina, a leading European design event held bi-annually in Milan, showcased a rising trend: satin steel finishes. Satin steel is one of several trends seen at Eurocucina 2024. the orbital satin steel finish offers a softer, more subtle look that's both beautiful and functional. This blog post explores the allure of satin steel and why it might be the perfect stainless steel alternative for your next kitchen renovation.

orbital satin steel fin

Beyond Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed stainless steel remains popular in the typical American home. However, the shift in American homes is towards a warmer and more inviting kitchen.  This being said, designers will embrace the warmth and understated elegance of satin steel and this finish will eventually reach the American mainstream. The orbital satin steel finish boasts a smooth, low-sheen texture that creates a luxurious, almost pearlescent effect.

There are several reasons to consider satin steel as an alternative to brushed stainless steel. First, it offers a touch of warmth, making your kitchen feel more inviting. Second, satin steel is much more resistant to fingerprints. They are less noticeable and is a relatively low-maintenance surface. This is a big advantage in a busy kitchen.

brushed stainless steel alternative - Eurocucina 2024
non-directional satin steel finish

The appeal of satin steel is multifaceted. It offers a touch of warmth compared to the cool starkness of brushed stainless steel.

Satin Steel at Eurocucina

Several exhibitors at Eurocucina showcased stunning kitchens featuring satin steel  - cabinetry, countertops, and hardware. Even though steel is still being used in the kitchen the new alternative to brushed stainless steel has a soft luster.  It perfectly complements both modern and minimalist as well as traditional  designs.

new alternative to stainless steel

With its growing presence at Eurocucina and beyond, satin steel is poised to become a major player in the world of kitchen design. So, next time you're revamping your kitchen, consider venturing beyond the familiar brushed look and explore the possibility of an orbital satin steel finish.

Eurocucina 2024 kitchen trends

Considering Satin Steel?

If you're looking for an alternative to brushed stainless steel, satin steel offers a compelling choice. Its understated elegance and practicality make it ideal for the kitchen. In addition to an orbital satin steel finish, I saw a random non-directional satin steel finish.  

non-directional random satin steel finish
satin steel is the the new stainless steel alternative - Eurocucina 2024
orbital satin steel finish - Eurocucina 2024
orbital satin steel finish - Eurocucina 2024
stainless steel alternative - satin silver-toned finishes - Eurocucina 2024

What do you think of thr new alternatives to brushed stainless steel?  I'm a big fan as I love it has the durability of steel but with a certain warmth that is more inviting.  I can't wait until this new finish hits the US mainstream as I'll be the first to use it in our projects. How about you?

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic