Lighting is more than just illumination; it impacts our mood, focus, and overall well-being. This past edition of Lightovation, held twice a year at the Dallas Market Center, showcased innovative lighting trends designed to elevate your home environment. While at Lightovation I caught a glimpse of these 2024 lighting trends that will be making their way into homes in the upcoming year.  

So what did I see at Lightovation as the key lighting trends for 2024? There was a lot to see and it was a whirlwind trip but I did manage to get a good overview and here goes: 

Lightovation - Light trends 2024

Lighting Trends seen at Lightovation 2024

1) Battery Powered Portables

2) Customization

3) Color Tunable LEDs

4) Sustainability

5) Leather Accents

6) Jewelry Inspired Shapes

7) Modern Architectural Shapes

8) Ambient and Task Light Combo

Battery Powered Portables


Battery powered portables at Lightovation - 2024 lighting trends
Battery powered portables at Lightovation - 2024 lighting trends

Battery powered portables are multiplying like rabbits!  When they  first appeared, I saw them mainly for the hospitality market - to illuminate the dinner table in fancy trestaurants.  The last two years, it has made its way into the trade and consumer channels.  First through European manufacturers but in recent months, at a much faster pace through US manufacturers.  European manufacturers have had stock and ready to ship but the technology is still new to companies here in the US.  While they have  showed at market, only a handful of styles are available now with the bulk of  ready to ship at the end of the year.   

Battery powered portables offer freedom and functionality, allowing you to create ambience and task lighting anywhere. There is no need to be tethered to an outlet! As a designer, I always run into the desk that is positioned away from a wall and hosw to deal with task lighting.  Either you have to install a floor core so that the lamp can be plugged in (very tedious process) Or you have to run the cord across the walkway, creating a tripping hazard. A battery powered portable light eliminates both scenarios.  Many of the cordless options available are dimmable and some last as long as 12 hours on a single charge.  The nice thing is that the batteries, or in some cases, light bulbs, are rechargeable. I love the rechargeable light bulb option as you can leave the fixture in place and only remove the bulb to recharge.



Lightovation 2024 highlighted a growing trend of customizable lighting options, allowing designers to create truly personalized lighting solutions for their clients. Customization for lighting comes in many forms.  Customization may mean creating a light fixture in any powder coated RAL color.  Here is a perforated metal by Mat Sanders for Studio M that can be customized in any color on the RAL chart.

Custom RAL colors - Studio M
Mat Sanders "Chips" for Studio M Lighting

Customization may also mean laser cutting a logo or house numbers as our friends at Hubbardton Forge do SO well. 

Shadow Boxes by Hubbardton Forge in custom RAL colors

Here in Pasadena we have a lot of historical homes so here are some more traditional versions - also customizable in any RAL color (matte or glossy) or you can also use any one of their 7 standard exterior finishes.  Everything is made to order and they ship within 3-4 weeks!

Traditional Shadow Boxes from Hubbardton Forge

You can customize your shade with a wallpaper or any image you provide. Send  a digital file and it can be printed onto the shade.  These are also battery operated.  The only drawback is that when you supply a file, you have to order 10 units.  In my opinion, that's a small price you have to pay to have something made that is unique to YOU! 

Customizable lampshades - battery operated portable lights - Lightovation 2024 lighting trends

Color Tunable LEDs


Color tunable lighting plays a crucial role in supporting our circadian rhythm, the internal 24-hour cycle that regulates sleep and wakefulness.  Wellness has been top of mind and for that reason, the ability to control color temperature has been a lighting trend for 2024.  Color temperature is very personal.  At night, our bodies crave a warmer color temperature and dimmer light.  I can tell you from personal experience that a 5000K temp light at night will make me feel very uneasy.  I know it's the color temperature that's throwing me off but for the untrained eye, they may not know that.  A place may not feel right and they don't know why, but the fix may be as simple as changing out a light bulb or adjusting the color temperature. 

Notice how the color temperature of each light varies below.

Lighting trends for 2024 - Mat Sanders for Studio M Lighting
Color tunable LED lighting - Lighting trends for 2024

With technology and the advent of LED lighting comes change, and one of the biggest changes has the ability to adjust color temperature without changing the bulb.  Here are a few of my favorite finds that offer color tunable lighting.  Some of fixtures allow you to change the color temperature with a switch but with the case of Mat Sanders' Prismatic LED Table Lamp for Studio M, its as simple as tapping a button.  I know, since we have it on our showroom floor!

Color tunable LED lighting - 2024 lighting trends for the home
Color tunable LED lighting - 2024 lighting trends for the home
Color tunable LED lighting



Sustainability continues to be a driving force in design, and Lightovation 2024 featured a trend towards natural materials like capiz and coconut as well as recycled/repurposed materials.  Capiz, made from translucent shells, offers a an organic texture and a soft glow. Coconut shells were showcased in a number of pendants and wall sconces. Not only are these materials eco-friendly, but they are perfect for the coastal home seeking a touch of nature. Recycled glass was another sustainability initiative that showcases creating beauty with what would otherwise go into landfill.

Lighting Trends 2024 - Sustainability from Studio M Llighting
Dann Foley for Minka Lighting
Recycled glass and sustainability - Lighting trends for 2024

Hubbardton Forge took sustainability a step further by melting down the jigs used to create the parts for their lighting.  When a light fixture is discontinued, what do they do with the jigs?  They melt them down and create new lighting such as Coral.  I saw the process at their factory in Vermont a few weeks ago, and it is fascinating!

Coral - Hubbardton Forge Sustainability is a lighting trend for 2024
Sustainability in lighting design 2024
Coral - Hubbardton Forge Sustainability is a lighting trend for 2024

Leather Accents

Leather isn't just for furniture anymore. Lightovation 2024 saw a sophisticated trend emerge with the use of leather accents in lighting fixtures. Leather  introduces a pliable and textural material that is a contrast to  metal and glass.  Whether it be leather straps or a leather shade, introducing leather is a great way to add warmth and contrast. 

Leather accents - 2024 light trends
Leather Accents - light trends 2024
Leather accents - Hubbardton Forge
Mat Sanders - Studio M LIghting
Leather accents in lighting
Leather accents

Jewelry Inspired Shapes

Lightovation showcased an emergence of lighting  with inspiration from jewelry.  Shapes that resembled charms from a bracelet or ropes from a chain, lighting inspired by jewelry was everywhere.  

Jewelry inspired lighting for 2024
jewelry inspired lighting - Lightovation 2024

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FYI-Visual Comfort's Collier also inspired by jewelry, has been on the market for a while now.   There was no shortage of fixtures "inspired" by it!

jewelry inspired lighting seen at Lightovation 2024

Modern Architectural Shapes

modern architectural shapes in lighting design for 2024
Modern architectural lighting - trends in lighting design for 2024

This year, lighting also  takes inspiration from the world of architecture. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and a focus on structure were evident in many of the showcased fixtures.   These architectural forms offer a bold statement piece while remaining surprisingly versatile.

Ambient and task light combo

You know how you are always struggling whether to us  ambient lighting or task lighting in a space because you actually need both? Especially when above a kitchen island?  Well here's the perfect solution - pendant lighting that offer both ambient and task lighting.  Why choose one or the other when you can have both?  As I design more and more kitchens, this is a situation I run into often, which is why I am happy to see these new options.  Fine Art Lamps has offered the Delphi for years, which offers both ambient up light and task lighting below, and now we have some other great options! 

Lighting trends in design 2024
Lighting trends 2024

In conclusion: 2024 Lighting Trends

The lighting seen at Lightovation offered a glimpse of  lighting trends for 2024 and what to expect in the marketplace in the near future. What was shown  emphasized innovation, functionality,  personalization and touched upon other overarching trends seen in interior design today.  These overarching trends include a focus on wellness and sustainability. 

Lightovation is the place to see the widest range of lighting available in the US.  For many lighting manufacturers, Lightovation at the Dallas Market Center is their only showroom in the country. Lightovation takes place every year in January and June.  If you have a lighting showroom or specify lighting, this is where you want to be.  Not only did I see all the 2024 lighting trends in one place, but seeing everything in person now gives me the confidence to specify the lighting I saw for our own projects.  I now have a better understanding of the materials and quality of the lighting I am specifying.  More importantly, I have a better  understanding of scale and how each light fixture occupies a space. 

A big thanks to Laura Van Zeyl from Lightovation, ASID Pasadena for recognizing the value and importance of attending trade shows like Lightovation, and Hubbardton Forge and Studio M Lighting for their incredible hospitality.  I'll be back!

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic