As we anticipate kitchen design innovations for 2024, recent insights from Eurocucina offer a glimpse into future trends. Eurocucina, held bi-annually alongside Salone del Mobile, is renowned for revealing cutting-edge designs and innovative products soon to enter the US market. During my recent visit to Milan for Eurocucina, I identified several key trends for 2024 that will eventually make their way to the US and will  transform kitchen aesthetics and functionality.  It will be a quite a few years before these new concepts presented reach the US mainstream but have a glimpse at what to expect once they do arrive.


  • Satin Silver-Toned Finishes

  • The Social Kitchen

  • Marine Edge Countertops

  • Irregular ribbed Door Profiles

  • Reverse Edge Countertop Profiles

  • The Hidden Kitchen

  • Warm, Muted Clay/Apricot

  • Integrated Sinks

Let's explore each of these Eurocucina 2024 kitchen trends in more detail:

• Satin Silver-Toned Finishes

satin silver-toned finishes - Eurocucina KITCHEN TRENDS 2024

Warmer satin silver-toned finishes were visible while the traditional stainless steel panels and appliances that Americans have grown accustomed to were visibly absent at Eurocucina.  The cooler stainless steel panels have dominated the US appliance industry for 20+ years.  However, the softer, warmer silver tones seen at Eurocucina are a welcome change and represent a shift that shows that modern can still be warm and inviting.  These new finishes in the kitchen include a non-directional satin finish, a random orbital finish, and an elegant pewter finish.  The subtle sheen and textures set a sophisticated tone for the modern (and warmer) kitchen. 

• The Social Kitchen

The social kitchen - Eurocucina kitchen trends to watch for in 2024

The social dynamics in the kitchen are evolving. Instead of the usual lineup of barstools along one side of the island, Eurocucina 2024 demonstrated a shift in how we eat and socialize in the kitchen. New designs highlight a central table attached to the main island, fostering a more inclusive environment where family and friends can gather.  Who wants to have a conversation, seated side by side when you can do so face to face, where it feels more natural, and seated around a warm, communal space?  

• Marine Edge Countertops

The marine edge countertop not only enhances the visual appeal in the kitchen, but it also keeps spills at bay.  Different variations of the marine edge countertop were seen throughout Eurocucina.   From a deeper 1/2" change in elevation at a 90 degree angle to a gentle bevel, there were several variations of the marine edge countertop.  I was particularly drawn to the slight bevel in a random orbital finish that was seen in several metal countertops around the fair. A slight bevel does the job of containing spills but seems like less of a commitment and a lot easier to get used to, coming from a typically flat countertop.

• Irregular Ribbed Door Profiles

Manufacturers are updating cabinetry and door panels with textures.  Door panels have shifted from reeded to fluted, and now to irregular ribbed patterns, adding depth to kitchen surfaces. In addition to the vertical ribbed surfaces, large asymmetric patterns and textures were also present. Surfaces in the kitchen are definitely becoming more tactile. Before, modern meant a clean, streamline flat panel profile, but with the shift to a warmer rendition of modern, textures are being introduced and it is interesting to see the evolution.  It will be interesting to see what this latest look will evolve into in the future. 

• Reverse Knife Edge Countertops

The reverse knife edge countertop profile adds a sleek, modern twist to the standard eased edge profile that we've grown accustomed to.  There were several variations of the reverse knife edge, also referred to as an inverted knife edge, shark nose, or reverse bevel. (I'll show all the different variations I saw in an upcoming post.) You would need to a very skilled fabricator to pull this off because it isn't easy. As they say, anything is possible as long as you're willing to pay the price.  The small detail goes a long way in the kitchen, and I am all about the little details... 

• The Hidden Kitchen

HIDDEN KITCHEN POCKET DOOR - Eurocucina 2024 kitchen trends
hidden kitchen behind bifold pocket doors - Eurocucina 2024 kitchen trends

The concept of "hiding the kitchen clutter" was visible throughout Eurocucina utilizing one of  several pocket door hardware options on the market.  The hidden pocket door allows for a fully functioning kitchen with the ability to close the doors  and hide the clutter behind a set of bi-fold pocket doors at a moment's notice.  When the doors are closed, the streamlined look of the doors result in a modern, polished space.  No one has to know what's going on behind closed doors.  With this in mind, expect the kitchen to blend into the living space even more so than it does today. When the doors are closed, the space doesn't even have to look like a kitchen and can serve as a multi-functional living space. 

• Warm, Muted Tones of Terra Cotta and Apricot

As alluded previously in this post, the modern kitchen is feeling a whole lot warmer and less sterile.  Much of that has to do with the mix of textures and materials being used.  Another contributing factor is the warmer color palette.  Color trends in the kitchen seen at Eurocucina were leaning towards earthier tones with terra cotta and apricot hues.  Together with the mix of wood finishes, these orange-toned hues bring a warm, natural feel to the kitchen.  

Integrated Sinks

integrated sink for the kitchen - Eurocucina 2024

For the past few years, the focus has been on functional kitchen workstations (mainly stainless steel) for the US kitchen. Meanwhile at Eurocucina, there was barely a stainless steel workstation in sight. If they were there, I didn't see them - or at least I was focused on looking for fresh and new! Instead, the spotlight was on aesthetics around the kitchen sink,  utilizing porcelain or sintered stone slabs to blend the countertop and sink seamlessly. Integrated sinks are seen only occasionally in the US, and rarely in a kitchen.   Introducing integrated sinks in kitchens is relatively new, and their popularity in the US in the future may depend on fabricator expertise.

I love the integrated sink's look, but its success in the US depends on fabricator skill.   Installing an integrated sink requires a skilled stone fabricator, making it quite costly.   Fabricators undergo extensive training to work with porcelain, but not all master it. Only a handful of fabricators have the skillset, and for this reason it may remain exclusive to a luxury clientele with larger budgets. 

In conclusion, the 2024 kitchen trends to watch at Eurocucina highlight a blend of functionality, style, and innovative design. These trends cater to both our aesthetic wants and practical needs. As these trends gradually make their way into homes, they are set to transform how we perceive the kitchen in the home.  Whether it's through advanced finishes, smart space utilization, or integration of social elements, the future of kitchen design is exciting. Stay tuned as we explore these trends in more detail in future posts and see how they will eventually influence kitchen designs globally.  

Stay tuned for more as we take a deeper dive into the 2024 kitchen trends to watch in the upcoming days in our blog posts.  

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic