Trend Space at Heimtextil 2022

A couple of weeks ago I attended the special summer edition of Heimtextil 2022 where the home textile and color trends for 2023 were on display in full force. This year’s overarching theme was “Next Horizons”, which encompassed 4 key trends, with a focus on sustainability and resource conservation.    Each year, Heimtextil dedicates an area within the trade show floor to showcase the textile and color trends for the upcoming year. This happens to be one of my favorite areas and for this reason, one of the reasons I look forward to attending Heimtextil every year.

Trend Space showcases the upcoming home textile and color trends.  In addition, it also places a big emphasis on sustainability by requiring that all displays and exhibits meet the Material Manifesto which includes the following:

  • Use of local resources, equipment and services
  • Use of environmentally friendly material alternatives
  • Use of existing stock components
  • Use of rented and loaned materials
  • Manage waste responsibly
  • Design for recyclability

These guidelines set forth by Heimtextil,  supports their green initiative, and as a result, a more sustainable environment.

NEXT HORIZONS – The 2023 Home Textile and Color Trends

Next Horizons, the theme for Heimtextil 2022, are a set of mindsets.  These mindsets explore how to address the imbalance of our ecosystem that has been created over the centuries.  Furthermore, these mindsets address how to make and produce  without creating waste.  In addition, it promotes adopting a linear system of manufacturing into one that is more circular.

The 4 Trends of Next Horizons:

  • Empowered Identity
  • Hyper Nature
  • Beyond Identity
  • Deep Nature

The 4 Color Palettes of Next Horizon:


So let’s explore each of these 4 textile trends and their coordinating color palettes.


2023 color trends - Heimtextil 2022 overview

2023 color trends - Heimtextil 2022 overview
Photography: Dylan Riley Foto

Empowered Identity is a textile trend that encourages new ways of seeing old crafts, heritages, and expressions  but in a new and modern way.  It encourages a collaboration with the past and connects cultures with the next generations by driving sustainable transformation.

By introducing old artisans and traditions with the current generation we connect with the past through craft heritage.  The Empowered Identity color palette consists of  bold primary colors that resembles their color pigment origins.  For example, Raw umber, Prussian blue,  Vermillion, etc. This bold color trend for 2023 is relevant for the extrovert that is driven by curiosity and the need to try new things and  effect change.

2023 color trends - Heimtextil 2022

Additionally, the 2023 color trend of Empowered Identity is bold and the 2023 textile trends that go along with it are up-cycled and recycled materials.  Think recycled synthetic fabrics, embroidered appliqué, and chunky woolen weaves.

2023 color trends - Heimtextil 2022

Empowered Identity – Textile Trends 2023:

Lastly,  the inspiration of fabric, color, design elements that sum up the Empowered Identity trend :



Hyper Nature - textile trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022

Next is the Hyper Nature trend.  Hyper Nature is centered around the fusing of digitalization and nature, and as a result of this dynamic mix, has a high visual expression.

Hyper Nature - color trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022

Hyper Nature connects tech and nature to create a more sustainable environment.  For example, the blanket on the bottom left is of a natural, organic motif but created using a digital approach.  On the right is digital art  – images that also include the leek fields in Amsterdam.  Through the use of photobiology light science technology and the use of LED lights, the use of pesticides in the leek fields is decreased by up to 50%.  Because of this practice, fewer chemicals are used and as a result,  our planet is better off.

Hyper Nature – Textile Trends 2023

What do the textiles that shape the Hyper Nature trend look like?  They have a digital-like quality to them.  After all, they are represention of nature in the metaverse.


Hyper Nature - textile trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022

Sustainability need not be earthy, and the Beyond Identity trend proves that.  It is colorful and features a range of pastels.  It is not just sweet but is aggressive and sends a positive message.  This trend is targeted to a younger consumer and showcases flowing textiles and billowy shapes.

An experimentation with making textile dyes using food waste is shown on the bottom right. For example, natural textile dyes are created by using  food waste such as red onion peel and avocado seeds.

BEYOND IDENTITY - color trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022

Sustainability is not down-toned but instead thrives in this vivid color palette of pastels.  Colors are illustrated by fluidity, to symbolize the identities in flux.

BEYOND IDENTITY - color trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022

Beyond Identity – Textile Trends 2023

In short, here is a compilation of the textiles, colors and details that comprise the Beyond Identity trend.



Last but not least, is the  Deep Nature trend that rounds up the textile trends for 2023.  Deep Nature is a continuing  trend that has been ongoing, and is therefore more familiar. The trend goes back to our eco system – a higher understanding of our resources and ecosystems is put into a coloration that is upbeat and modern.

DEEP NATURE - color trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022

Deep Nature is a trend that is geared to the consciously aware consumer and has been in development over the course of several years.  Generally speaking, the world is just starting to understand the imbalance of nature and we are only in the beginning stages of taking action to rebalance.

DEEP NATURE - color trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022
DEEP NATURE - color trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022
DEEP NATURE - color trends 2023 Heimtextil 2022

Deep Nature – Textile Trends 2023

Finally, the textiles, textures, and inspiration that make up the Deep Nature trend.  This textile trend is inspired by our eco-system  and realized for the home with a modern edge.

The displays in Deep Nature exhibited a move away from linear production.  Some of the textiles included leek paper,  a more scalable textile made of fungi mycelium, and eel grass, which has the ability to regenerate and is also biodegradable. As you can see, we have a lot to look forward to as we shift to a more  sustainable world, especially as the world of textiles continues to evolve.

NEXT HORIZONS – Conclusion

While presenting the home textile trends for the upcoming year is always an objective for the Trend Space area at Heimtextil, the more important message this year was on sustainability and how to really effect change.  What can we do to make sure that our ecosystem recovers from the imbalance that was created over the last several centuries?  As has been noted, the repair has already begun.  The problems have been  addressed but now real change needs to happen.  By moving from a linear production to one with a circular mindset, we can change the future of the industry and concentrate on finding balance in nature.  In conclusion, the big message is to not create waste. Hence, think with a long-term mindset to create a sustainable future.

It will be interesting to see how technology impacts the home textile trends in the upcoming years.  Judging by what I observed at Heimtextil this year, be prepared to see more bio plastics – plastics that are biodegradable.  All in all, given what was observed at Heimtextil, we have an exciting future ahead of us in the world of home textiles. One that involves an intersection of technology and nature.  It is exciting to see how the  technological advances are key in correcting the degradation of our ecosystem.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the textile and color trends presented here.  Do you have a favorite palette?  I’m particularly drawn to Hyper Nature as it is bold and to me, this message is what represents the future of the industry – technology and nature.

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic