Kitchen and bath trends 2022 - KBIS recap

KBIS 2022 RECAP – Kitchen and bath trends

I’m back from KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) where I make my yearly trek to check out the latest kitchen and bath trends and newest product introductions and innovations.  This year marks my 8th year attending KBIS and it did not disappoint.  KBIS 2022 was held in Orlando; the show will be held in Las Vegas for the next 10 years until 2032.  This year’s show numbered 70,000 attendees and 1200 exhibitors, and the ratio of attendees to exhibitors was up 9% over 2020, so I’d say that was a success!

KBIS x NKBA Global Connect

I was a busy bee at KBIS this year.  As an NKBA Global Connect Advisor, I met with the foreign delegation  – attendees from Germany and the UK who are getting to know KBIS and the North American market. One of my duties was to orient the foreign delegates on developing a strategy of conducting business with interior designers; consequently, setting them up for success doing business here in the US by bringing their product to market in a more strategic and meaningful way.  It was a lot of fun to share my experience as both an interior designer and showroom owner, providing them with insightful information on how business is done with the interior designer community here in North America..

After skipping 2021 and a few key players missing from this show (also due to Covid), the show floor looked a little different than where we last left things two years ago, but there was a lot to see and experience.

Kitchen and Bath Trends 2022 Seen at KBIS

So…what were the kitchen and bath trends I saw at KBIS 2022?  Here goes:

  • Softer, translucent black metal finishes
  • Jewelry For the Home
  • Wood Is Good
  • The Evolution of Induction
  • Textured Stone
  • Textured Metal
  • Bringing a Softer, Stylized Experience into the Kitchen
  • The Outdoor Kitchen and Outdoor Living


Call it what you will – translucent black, blackened steel, titanium. black stainless steel.  It is a softer more translucent and sophisticated black, and it’s a winner, in my opinion!  I installed a black stainless steel sink in our Pasadena showroom a few months ago,  but until KBIS last week, I had not seen the finish in so many product categories.

Thompson Traders

One of my first stops when I first arrived at KBIS 2022 was at Thompson Traders to see their new hoods.  I knew they were going to have some new textures and a new black finish, and I was more than pleasantly surprised.  Their hoods are almost iconic, and in the beautiful brushed black finish, which they refer to as “matte black”.  It can look modern and sexy or can lean towards more traditional.  Either way, it is a beautiful finish that will have a lot of mileage.

blackened steel range hood
blackened steel and brass range hood

On the left, the silky, matte black finish is paired with one of Thompson Traders’ newest textures, “Culebra”, which in Spanish means “snake”.  It is subtle yet SO sexy!  It is hard to believe that the texture they do is tooled entirely by hand and memory, with no drawing.  (You can see more of the detail below under the “Textured Metal” trend) The range hood on the right is also “matte black” and with satin brass bands and straps.  PS – this hood will be making an appearance in one of our projects in the very near future, so stay tuned!

Stoll Industries

Stoll Industries’ “industrial black” finish is also one that caught my eye.  We’ve seen a lot of the truly opaque matte black finishes lately, so it’s nice to see a finish that is less harsh and is toned down a notch. One normally associates metal with being cold and impersonal, but Stoll’s industrial black finish is anything but.  You’ll see this finish popping up in a big project we’ll be unveiling in the next couple of months, too!

Monogram Appliances

Monogram Appliances Designer Collection

Last but not least is the new titanium finish – part of the Designer Collection for Monogram Appliances.  This is Monogram’s first designer collaboration with Monogram Creative Director Richard Anuskiewicz at the helm, infusing his love of luxury finishes often seen in luxury automobiles, into the home.  The dark, brushed, almost black metal finish exudes luxury with a slightly masculine, streamlined and modern aesthetic. We love it!

KITCHEN AND BATH TREND #2 :: jewelry for the home

While at KBIS 2022 I was on the hunt for pretty things, and it wasn’t too hard to find.  There was a lot of “jewelry” – accents that add a little “bling” to the home.  One of my top picks was from Belwith Keeler‘s new “Bijou” collection.  Bijou means “jewelry” in French and the new line is exactly that – jewelry for the home. What made this collection even more appealing is the history behind the brand.  Did you know that Belwith Keeler has made and still makes much of the decorative hardware for many of the furniture lines that we all know and love?

2022 bath trends -Thompson Traders Altamira Pearl sink

Speaking of jewelry, the Altamira Pearl vessel sink by Thompson Traders was designed to resemble the exaggerated pearls on your favorite pearl necklace. The antique satin bowl and burnished nickel pearls are classic and timeless but still make a bold statement.  This was actually one of my favorite finds, too.  It’s so familiar, yet so different.

Monogram Designer Series Hardware - Monogram Appliances

Appliance Hardware – Monogram Appliances

Until now, appliance hardware, especially for ranges have not been very fashion forward.  Sure, some of the higher end European appliance brands have decorative finish options that include brass, but American appliance manufacturers have never strayed too far from the simple stainless steel handle or knob.

Monogram’s newest Pro Range incorporates brass accent knobs and brass accents in their Statement Collection appliance handles, so the brand is no stranger in elevating design.  It is no surprise that they remain true to their motto #elevateeverything by adding designer appliance hardware as an option to elevate the look in the kitchen.  The optional appliance hardware is a part of the Designer Collection designed by Monogram Creative Director Richard Anuskiewicz.  Leather wrapped handles accented by brass or titanium coordinates with the hoods and 96″ tall column refrigerator panels.

Paul Frankl hardware- Belwith Keeler Bijou

Another view of some of the pieces from Belwith Keeler’s Bijou Collection.  Big kudos to Knikki, Belwith Keeler’s badass Creative Director who not only designs but oversees the Belwith Keeler archives with 130 years of history.  The X-shaped knob shown above was developed for Paul Frankl in 1953 and was taken from the archives to be reintroduced in the Bijou Collection.


Wood has been a staple in the home for as long as we can remember.  However, as technological advances were made in stone and metal fabrication, we began to see more of those surfaces in the kitchen and bath. In contrast with such innovation though, one of the kitchen and bath trends I noticed at KBIS 2022 is that the use of wood is becoming en vogue again.  Today’s wood isn’t the same wood as it once was.  Technology has worked in our favor and not only do we have the warmth that wood provides but we also have the latest technological advances that make it impermeable to water and food-safe. It also looks good and performs well without the maintenance. I’d say that’s a big win for the home!

kitchen and bath trends 2022- wood vessel sink

Wood wash basins, tile, countertops – they are all becoming more commonplace in the home.  With today’s technological advances, we’ll be seeing a lot more of it!

KBIS kitchen and bath trends - Farm to Table- Monogram Appliances and Grothouse

One of my favorite places to use wood is in the kitchen – not only for butcher block surfaces but also for countertops and other horizontal surfaces.  There’s nothing like the warmth it brings to the space, not to mention the ability to add character by adjusting the finish, adding distressing, wire brushing, or even hand planing the surface so that it looks less “manufactured”.

wire brushed oak kitchen table

This wire brushed cerused oak by Grothouse Lumber helps to create the mood in the Villa Monogram Appliances – Mountain booth.

KITCHEN AND BATH TREND #4 :: the evolution of induction

Gas is still the preferred mode  of cooking here in the US, but I’ve noticed that every year, we move closer and closer towards induction cooking.  Unlike gas, induction can maintain a precise temperature.  Plus, it’s healthier for the environment than gas.

In the Monogram booth, the silver-hued induction cooktop sits inconspicuously embedded into the countertop.  If installed as a flush mount, as it is in our showroom, it is even less conspicuous.

kitchen trends 2022 - Induction cooking at Sapienstone


Much of the changes we see in the styling of induction are a result of the surface on or in which it is installed.  Although integrated induction countertops have been in Europe for awhile, it has been a slow transition here in the US.  When used directly on a countertop, a porcelain slab must be used, as it is the only material that can withstand the high heat and not succumb to thermal shock.  Above, Sapienstone integrated the individual elements into the slab.

induction cooking on porcelain - KBIS 2022

A newcomer to the US, an Italian kitchen manufacturer installed the induction elements underneath the porcelain slab of their mini kitchen island.  Unlike other under counter inductions I’ve seen in past years at KBIS, the controls for the induction were much more attractive with the control on a small black panel, resembling an elongated iPhone, sitting in the middle island compartment. In the kitchen we want function, but form is just as important!

KITCHEN AND BATH TREND #5 ::From polished and refined to rough and rugged countertops

Remember when perfectly polished stone surfaces were the only way to go?  And how we were bent out of shape when our perfect stone slab was subjected to even a little bit of acid as a result of an orange juice or ketchup spill? Ahhh….etching.

Well that has changed over the years.  Stone slabs have gone from polished to honed to leathered finishes to reflect our lifestyle.  These days our spaces are less formal and designed for real living.

kitchen and bath trends 2022 -Antolini Stone Taj Mahal texture
kitchen and bath trends 2022 -Antolini Stone Taj Mahal texture

The latest evolution away from polished stone is a rougher, textured surface, and it brings such beautiful character to a room.

Texture stone slab trend - Compac
Texture stone slab trend - Compac

We will definitely be using several of these textures in future projects!

kbis trends 2022 - rough and rugged stone
kbis trends 2022 - rough and rugged stone

We especially loved the rough countertop edge profiles we saw at the Café Appliances booth.  Such a departure from the much more formal ogee.  It is the stone counterpart to the wood live edge!


Textured metal is yet another kitchen and bath trend I have been seeing for 2022. In some cases, we’ve seen large scale, more exaggerated textures as exhibited in this solid brass Tortuga hood by Thompson Traders.

2022 bath trends -Custom Tortuga range hood
Kitchen and bath trends 2022 - Belwith Keeler Bijou

I was also very drawn to this hardware from Belwith Keeler’s Bijou Collection.  Unlike most hardware companies out there, Belwith Keeler incorporates beautiful organic textures.  The components are interchangeable which then create some interesting looks when paired with different finishes.

KBIS trends 2022 - New texture introductions for Thompson Traders

I  couldn’t resist but show a photo of the texture introductions from Thompson Traders. My favorites are Colebra (snake) and Crocodile – I guess because they remind me of an expensive handbag. It’s hard to believe that artisans hammer these textures by hand!

Metal texture trend - KBIS 2022 Rohl Tenerife

I’ve seen a lot of knurling in plumbing and hardware, but the larger scale crosshatching that Rohl incorporated into their Tenerife collection looks fresh and new.


I say “experience” because that is really what it is.  Selling a kitchen isn’t just about selling the appliances and cabinetry, it is about selling the experience. Yes, every kitchen needs form and function, but it is much more than that. It is about the emotional impact left upon the observer.

Cafe Iris Apfel inspired kitchen - KBIS 2022 recap

All the talk at KBIS 2022 was not only about product but also about how the spaces were styled, and how they reflected more of an experience rather than just a space.

Villa Monogram Mountain - KBIS 2022 kitchen and bath trends

In this day and age, if the end consumer can see and relate to a space and envision what they see in their own home, it makes the battle that much easier.  By nature, people are visual learners, so if you can give them that visual inspiration and tug at their emotions, there is no need for an aggressive sales pitch. The experience sells itself.

Villa Monogram Beach - Kitchen trends 2022
Cafe Appliances KBIS 2022- Kitchen trends 2022
Cafe Appliances KBIS 2022- Kitchen trends 2022


Indoor Outdoor living has been gaining popularity for quite some time, but the pandemic definitely accelerated the outdoor market growth.  With everyone stuck at home for the past two years and resorting to entertaining outdoors in order to be able to safely see friends and relatives, the interest in outdoor kitchens and outdoor living is one of the biggest kitchen trends for 2022.

Stoll Industries

Stoll Industries is best known for their fabricated steel fireplace surrounds, screens and mantles.  Right before the pandemic, they made the shift to outdoor kitchens, and KBIS was the first time showing the new division.  From the looks of how crowded the booth was, everything was well received.  They had a nice selection of colors and finishes – mostly neutrals and metallics with a safe navy blue.

Vlaze Outdoor Kitchen - KBIS 2022


Vlaze is a British company that I became acquainted with, as they were a part of the foreign delegation that I interacted with in conjunction with NKBA Global Connect.   While their bright, vitreous enamel outdoor kitchens may be new to the US market, the company has a long history, including being the company responsible for making the iconic London Underground signage.  The vitreous enamel finish makes for the ideal finish, as it can withstand high heat and the harsh elements.

Compac Outdoor Kitchen

Compac Surfaces

A version of this indoor/outdoor slab from Compac was one of my favorites at KBIS 2020 but seeing it “sculpted” this way with an integrated sink and gas hobs was really fresh and new.  Compac’s Terazzo “Petra Botticino” will be one that we will be seeing a lot more of in the future.

red outdoor kitchen - KBIS 2022

The 2022 kitchen trends include even more colorful outdoor kitchens; some are even powder-coated as shown above.

hydraulic umbrella - KBIS 2022
hydraulic umbrella

With much of our lives shifting to the outdoors as a result of the pandemic, this extra large hydraulic umbrella can be customized to satisfy almost any size or shape.  There are so many outdoor restaurants where we are, and it seems as though having one large collapsible umbrella would be much easier than several.

So there you have it – 8  kitchen and bath trends seen at KBIS 2022 that you’ll be seeing more of as the year progresses. There are a few other things that I spotted that I’m keeping an eye on. You know all the split black and gold finishes you’ve been seeing?  I see that obsession transitioning back to silver-toned finishes with black.  I saw some of that happening at KBIS 2022 but we’ll see more of it over the next year – just wait until you see the kitchen and butler’s pantry that we’ve designed for the 2022 Pasadena Showcase House, which will open in April.  We’ve incorporated several of the trends seen at KBIS 2022 into a traditional 1905 English Tudor Revival, so you’ll be able to see how we incorporate what is current into a timeless and classic space.

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic

If there are any products that you see in this post that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the form below as many of the products shown are sold though our retail and to the trade home furnishings and luxury kitchen showroom.