Luxury Pasadena loft kitchen with black cabinetry and brass sink and backsplash

Pasadena Loft Apartment Kitchen

We recently completed this sophisticated black and brass Pasadena kitchen in one of the hippest luxury loft buildings in town. This wasn’t the typical historical Pasadena residence that we are accustomed to designing.  I had never tackled a loft apartment kitchen and I’m always up for a  design challenge so I was immediately on board. Transforming an ordinary kitchen into a sophisticated modern loft kitchen with a moody attitude was right up my alley!

Modern Pasadena Loft Kitchen – The “Before”

Pasadena loft kitchen - before remodel
Pasadena loft kitchen - demo

This was one of the most  satisfying projects to date.  It was  a lot smaller space than we normally take on but it was a challenge, and those who know me, know I thrive when presented with a challenge. The high ceiling and industrial vibe was such a departure from what we normally do.  I was intrigued by the client’s vision that was both glamorous and edgy.  It was an exhilarating feeling to deliver what she envisioned for her loft apartment kitchen, but with our unique twist.

The client originally had her heart set on stained emerald green cabinetry with a brass countertop and backsplash.  As I did my research on the possibility of incorporating a seamless brass countertop and backsplash with integrated sink, I quickly realized that if we went that route, we would blow the budget with just the countertop/backsplash combo alone.

At about the same time, the client had purchased an emerald green Venetian glass credenza on her own, which would sit on the  other side of the open kitchen.  This purchased prompted me to shift color direction for the cabinetry.  Instead of emerald green, I came to the concolusion that it would be best to go with a more neutral color. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  Too much emerald green was too much for this small space.  I introduced a switch to a more neutral but equally as dramatic color – black. Actually,  a dark charcoal in a satin finish – which comes off as less harsh.

Black and Brass loft kitchen rendering

Designing a Black and Brass Kitchen for a Loft Apartment

You may recall  the 2018 Pasadena Showcase House kitchen that we designed that was a mix of black and walnut with cabinetry a mix of traditional and modern lines.  This space was similar but quite a bit different in that it wasn’t a historical home built in 1915 but rather a modern, industrial loft built in 2002.  In this much smaller loft space we didn’t have the luxury of introducing a natural wood finish in the cabinetry.

2018 Pasadena Showcase House Kitchen - Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic
2018 Pasadena Showcase House Kitchen | Photography: Peter Valli

Did I also mention the height of the ceiling for this loft apartment kitchen was 14 feet high?  When space is at a premium, you use every possible inch, and in this particular scenario, we built UP!  The previous kitchen design did not utilize the full 14 foot ceiling height and was instead dwarfed with a soffitt about two-thirds of the way up the wall.

If you have the height of a loft apartment kitchen and you have limited space, you are foolish if you dont’ take advantage of the full height. We used a rolling library ladder in walnut, which not only allowed accessability to even the highest cabinets and cubbies, but it also added a natural wood finish to warm up the space. I always add some type of wood finish to keep the space grounded. The spare bedroom had an elevated platform for storage but no way of accessing it without a ladder.  We installed additional railing in the spare bedroom, and the rolling library ladder allowed every inch of storage to be utilized.

Finishes for a Loft Kitchen – Industrial meets Sophisticated Glam

So back to the finishes – for this project we did what we do best and pulled together a variety of finishes. We looked  to a tile that we previously used – an unfilled travertine mosaic in a metallic pewter finish. This was the perfect opportunity to use the same tile but in a warmer gold finish for the backsplash.   This was an equally as stunning alternative to a brass backsplash, but at a fraction of the cost. We substituted a bold, black and white marble slab for the countertop instead of risking too many different gold tones with a brass countertop, a brass sink, and and gold travertine backsplash.

black and white marble slab

To create even more drama we were very intentional about how to positioned the marble slabs.  To avoid any unexpected surprises, we drew out the countertop pieces directly on a photo of the slab. (Of course we draw everything to scale!) We then inserted the stone pattern into our rendering for approval. Unfortunately to create  the look we wanted, we were forced to go with two slabs instead of just one, but it was well worth the effect.

Slab layout - Pasadena loft kitchen

Fine Tuning the Details

We always take into consideration both form and function when designing any space.  What sets us apart ifrom the rest is our attention to detail.  We added little details in this kitchen to provide depth and layers  to the space.  These details enhance the overall look of the space, while not detracting from the function we had designed.  We gave this kitchen a sexy edge with a painted satin black finish and brass inlay accents.  To speak to the industrial vibe of the space we outfitted the cabinetry with brass Buster and Punch hardware (which we sell in our showroom)  The knurling on the knobs and pulls  offset the glamorous vibe of the space with an industrial and rebellious edge. The glass and brass bistro shelves bring  a traditional Parisian flair to the space. You can never go wrong with a black and brass in the kitchen!

black and brass kitchen faucet
Newport Brass matte black and brass faucet

We paired a hammered brass sink with  a custom two-tone matte black and brass plumbing fixtures.  We requested the line drawings from the manufacturer so that we could specify each color.  It came in exactly how we wanted it to!

Pasadena loft kitchen
Design: Jeanne K Chung/Cozy Stylish Chic | Photography: Bethany Nauert | Stylist: Alexandra Poer
Black and brass kitchen with rolling library ladder designed by Pasadena interior designer Jeanne K Chung of Cozy Stylish Chic
Design: Jeanne K Chung/Cozy Stylish Chic | Photography: Bethany Nauert | Stylist: Alexandra Poer
black and brass loft kitchen with rolling library ladder
Design: Jeanne K Chung/Cozy Stylish Chic | Photography: Bethany Nauert | Stylist: Alexandra Poer

This loft apartment kitchen turned out great don’t you think?  We created more accessible storage in the loft and turned a non-descript kitchen into a glamorous Pasadena loft apartment  kitchen.  We couldn’t be more proud of the final result.

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic

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