Designhounds Napa with Signature Kitchen Suite

I am thrilled to announce that I am heading up to Napa today to spend a few days with Signature Kitchen Suite. I am one of 22 designers  invited to the Signature Kitchen Suite Design and Experience Center from May 13-16 for Designhounds Napa with Signature Kitchen Suite.  There I will fully immerse myself in the brand by learning about and experiencing the product by cooking on Signature Kitchen Suite appliances and THEN coming full circle by tasting the food that we prepare.

Designhounds - SKS Napa

The Signature Kitchen Suite Design and Experience Center

Located in Napa Valley, the epicurean epicenter and the heart of California wine country, the 23,500 square foot SKS Design and Experience Center facility was built to showcase the crossroads between design, technology, and innovation in the kitchen. It is to geared inspire and educate the forward-thinking home chef – the “Technicurean™”.

Signature Kitchen Suite traditional kitchen

Walk into any appliance showroom and you’ll see a fleet of appliances that all look confusingly alike, and to the lay person it is oftentimes difficult to know the difference between all the different brands and the features they offer.  This week my mission is to delve deep into the SKS brand to see and experience what sets their appliances apart from the rest.  I’ll be sharing what I learn with you both live on my social media channels as they are happening and once I return I’ll be following up with an informative blog post where I’ll share all my findings and the  juicy details.

The SKS 48 inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-in Sous Vide

I first came across Signature Kitchen Suite at KBIS – The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this past February, when they won the coveted prize of “Best of KBIS” Gold Award for the 48- inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-in Sous Vide.  Since then this first of its kind appliance on the market has received many accolades in both the culinary and design world.  Because it is a first in the industry and there is no other appliance company that has these same features,  the SKS 48 inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-in Sous Vide  is the appliance that I am most interested in experiencing once I arrive at the SKS Design and Experience Center.

Dual-fuel pro tange

Signature Kitchen Suite Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide

What is Sous Vide?

Ok, so the big question now is:  “What is Sous Vide?” Sous Vide is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a vacuum sealed plastic bag and submerged in water set at the final temperature in which you would like the food to achieve.   The vacuum seal retains vitamins and flavor, and the precise temperature ensures that there is no way of overcooking.  That alone is a big bonus!  Because it doesn’t require additional oils to cook, sous vide cooking is healthier than other cooking techniques.   Until now, sous vide has not been a method of cooking used regularly at home but is most often used at fancy restaurants or on cooking shows.

sous vide cooking

This is the first time that the same method of cooking and results that are experienced in the most prestigious restaurants around the world can be experienced in the home.  Signature Kitchen Suite has integrated built-in sous vide into a pro range that also utilizes gas and induction cooking. That’s a whole lot of cooking rolled up into one appliance, isn’t it?

Signature Kitchen Suite Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide

The Napa Experience – Follow Along

It is one thing to read about all these fancy features but it is another to actually experience them by cooking on the appliances, so off I go to Napa. When not learning at the Signature Kitchen Suite Design and Education Center, I will be soaking in the epicurean lifestyle that Napa is known for by dining at the CIA at Copia and Auberge du Soleil, and I will also be attending a wine tasting at the Artesa  Estate Vineyard.  It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it and I am fortunately one of the lucky 22.  Stay tuned for more and follow along on social media using the following hashtags:




In addition to the SKS 48″ Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-in Sous Vide, I am excited to learn about their other offerings including their Built-in French Door Refrigerator and Integrated Wine Columns.  So join me as I do some of my favorite things – eat, drink and LEARN.

A special thanks to Signature Kitchen Suite and Modenus Designhounds for sponsoring this event.  I look forward to the opportunity and the loads of information I will bring back.

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic