High Point Market Highlights – Fall 2016

In case you were not able to attend High Point Market this past October, I have compiled a post including all the High Point Market highlights.  There were countless products that caught my eye during my 6 days at market, but somehow I managed to pare it down to the best of the best.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably already know how much I look forward to attending High Point Market each spring and fall.  I attend each market religiously, as it is the one place where I can see a wide range of product in one place. Antiques, larger manufacturers, small and upcoming manufacturers that encompass every facet of interior design including lighting, upholstery, accessories, case goods, wallcoverings, etc.  Every market I come back with an arsenal of new resources and unique finds, and people who walk into Cozy Stylish Chic, our newly opened  retail store front and to the trade showroom in Pasadena, always comment on how unique our products are and that our store is different than everything else they’ve seen. Well, you don’t find unique by sitting behind a computer and waiting for it to come to you.  If you make the effort to go to market and seek new lines, unique product, and new introductions, you will find it, and this is the very reason I continue to come to High Point Market each season.  Furthermore, it is so important to be informed about the product that you are specifying to your clients.  I can comfortably tell my clients how a particular chair or sofa sits, as I take the time to sit in the upholstery I am specifying.  Also, there are times when a client sees something online, but having seen it in person and knowing how nitpicky they are, I may steer them away from the product they found online and point them in the direction of a product that is better suited to their higher expectations.

Enough of the formalities – let’s get to business with the High Point Market highlights!

Lee Industries tete a tete Best of High Point Market, Fall 2016

This little number that I stumbled across at Lee Industries was an instant favorite.  It can be configured as a tête à tête floating in the middle of a room or can be placed side by side as a curved settee. I alway love things that have multiple uses or can act as a chameleon given the situation, which is why I was so drawn to this.

High Point Market High lights - Lee Industries

One of the biggest High Point Market highlights was to see interior designer Michelle Workman‘s debut collection of trims for Pyar and Co.  at the Suites at Market Square.  Intricate, made by entirely by hand, and Michelle’s exquisite attention to detail resulted in trim that cannot be compared to any other trim on the market.  Each rosette is carefully sculpted, every edge is gently frayed to obtain the optimal effect, and each bead and sequin sewn into place with precision.

Michelle Workman for Pyar - HPMkt best of

I was a High Point Market Style Spotter along with Michelle in 2014 and I always love running into her at market, as her laugh and smile are infectious.  It should be no surprise that her trims share the same exuberance as her personality.  Bravo, Michelle – job well done!

Hight Point Market Highlights Michelle Workman for Pyar

A trip off the beaten path to Schwung Home proved successful, as I came across this beauty of a light fixture. I am hoping to use it in a current project, to put it above a kitchen island, but we are still waiting to see what is ultimately chosen.  I’ve seen a lot of light fixtures, and this one is pretty special. Hand-blown glass orbs that can be configured in a number of ways.  Because I have a wide range of projects ranging from traditional to contemporary, I am also drawn to pieces that look at home in either type of setting and this is fixture is one of those pieces.

Schwung Home - HPMkt Fall 2016

A trip to High Point Market is never complete without a trip to 214 Modern Vintage, usually one of my first stops at market.  The antiques and one of a kind finds are usually the first to go, so I find that designers are coming to market earlier and earlier to ensure that they get their hands on what they want before they’re gone.  This pair of 1960s Italian brass and stone horses are pretty special and as much as I wanted to take them home with me, I had to pick and choose and these did not make the cut.  But I am sure they were snapped up shortly after I left!

High Point Market

Two markets ago I visited with Katy Skelton and fell in love with her Camp Bench back when it was only available in a wood frame and upholstered in a solid blush.  Fast forward to this market and obviously things are going well for Katy, as now her show stopping Camp Bench is also available in a powder coated steel and outdoor fabrics.  This large scale floral makes for a very fashion-forward option for indoor-outdoor living. Why go for plain grey when you can have this?

High Point Market Highlights - Katy Skelton

I have watched Katy Skelton’s line evolve over the last couple of markets, and it is definitely on an upward swing.  This past market she  introduced lighting to her collection and I loved everything I saw – especially the Linear Light collection pictured below.  No need to hardwire these sconces – they can be mounted on the wall and plugged into an outlet without looking the slightest bit awkward!

High Point Market Highlights - Katy Skelton

A walk past Joanie Design at the Suites at Market Square was a breath of fresh air.  Joanie Design’s signature saturated hues could not be missed walking down the aisles.  Designed with the interior designer in mind, each piece of Joanie Design upholstery is crafted to exacting detail – 100% kiln dried hardwood, 8-way hand tied springs, high density wrapped foam.  You know – the good stuff with quality that all designers value and specify for their clients.

High Point Market highlights - Joanie Design

In addition, this market Joanie Design added signature wallpaper to her repertoire.  Big, bold and impossible to miss, just like her upholstery, her new line of wallpaper is made to order and tailored to the wall measurements provided by her clients.  Perfect for the accent wall in need of some punch!

High Point Market highlights - Joanie Design

Another one of the High Point Market highlights was Darryl Carter’s new collection for Milling Road.  I attended the opening party, which was buzzing with the editors of the biggest shelter magazines and the  who’s who in the world of interior design.  As beautiful as the furniture was, I was particularly drawn to the lighting. Sleek, clean lines, minimal, but a focal point in the room.  Advances in technology and lighting design allow us to be more creative with how light is presented, and this was a sure stand out.

Darryl Carter for Milling Road, HPMkt 2016

Lately we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of collaborations between designers, manufacturers and showrooms.  October Market brought about one collaboration that was not to be missed – that between Hilary Eklund of Tandem Antiques, Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye of Cloth and Kind, and Paper Mills.  This collaboration resulted in a vignette that brought together imagination and execution that seems so effortless.    I find that a successful collaboration brings out the best in each of those involved, and the result of the vignette at Tandem Antiques is a testament to that.


I received the new Anna French “Watermark” wallpaper book before I left for High Point Market, and I instantly fell in love with everything within the book. The Thibaut and Anna French showroom was the first place I saw Margate (my favorite pattern in the entire book) installed.  Printed on mylar in a beautiful selection of colorways, the metallic sheen has the perfect amount of glamour, and is a pattern that has chameleon qualities, in that it can be placed into any style setting with ease and without looking out of place.  When you own a store and showroom that caters to two extremes in styles, you look for product such as this, as you can easily incorporate it into any type of setting.

Anna French - HPMkt 2016

We are in love with everything “Jungalow”, Justina Blakeney‘s unmistakeable style that incorporates a little bohemian lifestyle with her love for everything green.  Now in her second season with her licensed collection for Selamat Designs, Justina’s collection is as hip and on trend as ever.  The looks she creates are that of a warm, happy, relaxed, feel-good vibe.  No stress or problems exist in this space. Enter , and only good thoughts are on the mind. Om shanti om…

High Point Market highlights - Justina Blakeney for Selamat Designs - High Point Market Fall 2016

One of my favorite pieces at Selamat Designs – this reverse nesting table.  Beautifully textured and in a hexagon shape – what’s not to love?

High Point Market highlights - Justina Blakeney for Selamat Designs High Point Market, Fall 2016

As you may have read in some of my past posts, Bernhardt is always on top of what is trending in the industry.  We’ve been seeing a lot of swivel chairs – mostly larger accent chairs that are designed to make a statement.  We love the petite footprint of this newest introduction from Bernhardt which also happens to be a swivel, but the smaller shape allows this to also be used in a home office as a desk chair.  Upholstered in a chic hair on hide, I’d say it would make for a pretty hip home office, and if the need ever arises for extra seating, it can make a seamless transition into the living area.  We love versatility!

High Point Market highlights - Bernhardt Interiors - HPMkt Fall 2016

I’ve been seeing a lot of nesting tables at market, but none as eye-catching and unique as this find from Notre Monde.  Why go for a plain table top when you can have one that looks like this.

High Point Market highlights - Notre Monde nesting tables

This little number from Bernhardt also caught my eye with concentric squares on each face of this octagon-shaped coffee table.  This was a favorite among designers and no doubt that you’ll be seeing this table in many installations in the upcoming year.

High Point Market highlights - Bernhardt HPMkt Fall 2016

Stepping into the Currey and Company showroom is always a treat.  Most know Currey for their lighting, but their furniture designs are just as compelling.  Case in point is this reverse painted glass chest with solid brass trim, hardware and legs.  Super sexy, a little bit retro, but still so current.  Keep an eye out for this one – it just might make an appearance in the room I am designing for the Pasadena Showcase House this spring.

High Point Market highlights - Currey and Co reverse glass night table HPMkt best of

Many homeowners run into issues with not having enough seating when guests come over, especially when space is at a premium.  Some opt to put extra seating in a room, but then the room appears cluttered with chairs scattered throughout when there are no guests over, and that is the majority of the time.  Stanford Furniture has designed this ingenious coffee table that incorporates extra seating for four.  When not in use, the four upholstered stools are neatly stored underneath the table without any added clutter.  The best thing, is that everything is customizable – the wood and metal finishes, the upholstery, hardware, and detailing.  I actually love it just as it is pictured below, although I must say that I am partial to the decorative tassels attached to the campaign-style hardware on this tale pictured below , mainly because they are compliments of my sweet friend Jana Platina Phipps, AKA Trim Queen.

Stanford Furniture

Well there you have it – The High Point Market highlights from Fall 2016!

Next stop – KBIS, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida – always one of my favorite shows to attend as it keeps me on top of the latest and best products for the kitchen and bath.  Stay tuned – I’ll be attending with Blogtour, so it’s going to be GOOD!

Jeanne K Chung | Cozy Stylish Chic

This market I attended as a member of the Design Bloggers Tour, which consisted of ten of the most influential design bloggers in the industry.  Although I was sponsored to attend this event, all opinions and observations are my own.