Windows of the LCDQLA – Legends 2015

Windows of the La Cienega Design Quarter

Now in its seventh year, Legends at the La Cienega Design Quarter has come and gone, but not without more than a few memorable moments. Legends has become one of the most enthusiastically anticipated design events of year and is often referred to as the fashion week of design and this year experienced record crowds.  Although much of what is talked about are the 3 days of design panels and cocktail parties, one of the events I look forward to each year is the unveiling of the LCDQ Legends  windows. Each year the windows of the LCDQ members are decorated to reflect a common theme, and this year’s theme was “Where Muses Dwell”.  Celebrated designers from around the country presented their muse of inspiration by decorating 67 LCDQ member showrooms.  For the first time, the LCDQ opened up an online voting poll and the results are in:

The People’s Choice:

30 Fuller + Roberts_Jeff Andrews window Legends2015 LCQLA
Jeff Andrews for Fuller & Roberts – “Proportion”

Designer Jeff Andrews showcased a pair of #852 chairs from the Jeff Andrews collection for A. Rudin and Ralph Lauren mirrors flanked by a sea of yellow tape measures in his window for Fuller and Roberts.  Captivating to the eye from both near and far, it’s no wonder why Andrews’ window was selected as the People’s Choice award.

Editor’s Choice

Therien_Ken Fulk Legends2105 LCDQLA

Words from Ken Fulk, designer of Therien’s window, whose inspiration was The Movie Inside My Head : “I have an imaginary reel going on in my head whenever I start a project, I can see the “movie” of it in my head before anything else comes together…This swirling tornado represents the creative process…” Fulk’s depiction of his creative process truly shows his imagination at work.

The Ambassador’s Choice

Hollyhock_Sam Allen Legends2015 LCDQLA
Sam Allen for Hollyhock – “Bali”

Sam Allen was inspired by the the color blue and the rich and vibrant colors of Bali for his window for Mecox.  Having lived in Bali off and on for many years, I can see the Balinese influences in the ikats, bold pattern, and bright, contrasting color

The 2015 Legends Windows

In addition to the award winners, designers seemed to find inspiration in similar places and here are a few:

The Sea

Tufenkian_Geoffrey De Sousa Legends 2015 LCDQLA
Geoffrey De Sousa for Tufenkian – “The Sea”

Geoffrey De Sousa finds inspiration from the sea, and as stunning as the window was at night when the photo above was taken, it was even more so during the day, with fanciful mermen lounging around and flapping their tails on demand.

Geoffrey De Sousa for Tufenkian – “The Sea”


Christina Rottman for Mansour – “Poseidon”

Inspired by Music..

L’Esperance at Dragonette – David Bowie
Marc Phillips_Maya Williams
Maya Williams for Marc Philips – “Women of Rock”


Exotic Locales

Anthony George for MK Collection -“Marrakesh, Morocco”
Christopher Kennedy - Legends2015 LCDQ
Christopher Kennedy for Marc Phlilips – “Palm Springs”
Hollyhock_Sam Allen
Sam Allen for Hollyhock – “Bali”


Mecox_Betsy Burnham
Betsy Burnham for Mecox- “Animals”
Jasper-Konstantin Kakanias
Konstantin Kakanias for Jasper – “My dog, Renzo”

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Glen becker
Glen becker
7 years ago

As usual, your interpretation of the many facets of an event bring together all aspects of the design industry and focus on cohesiveness and commonality that we share. Great job!

7 years ago

bravo Jeanne! I was looking forward to your thoughts on the windows this year.

7 years ago

So fun and so creative and this is the reason these are all names that are familiar to us. Thanks for sharing with those of us who could not make it.

Robbie Maynard
Robbie Maynard
7 years ago

Jeanne! wonderful coverage, now I can see why your lifestyle blog is so popular. I hope to see you at LCDQ next year or hopefully much sooner!

Jeanne Chung
7 years ago
Reply to  Robbie Maynard

Robbie- it was a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you at Legends. Hope to see you soon- at Dwell on Design, perhaps??