Last week I posted some of my favorites from DIFFA Dining By Design 2015 and today I am bringing you the remainder of the tables on view. DIFFA’s Dining by Design was filled with a variety of styles and design aesthetics – some very conceptual, others paying homage to the product they represent,  and even  traditional place settings that one would find in their own home.  How we choose to dine differs from culture and lifestyle.  Regardless of the differences, each table represented at Dining By Designed shared the same goal 0each design served – to raise money and awareness for those currently battling AIDS and HIV while celebrating the joy of design and entertaining.  In no particular order, here are the table designs:

Smart Water

Smart Water- DIFFA Dining By Design 2015 #DBD2015

essie, designed by Robert Verdi

essie by Robert Verdi -DIFFA Dining By Design 2015

Calvin Klein Home

Calvin Klein Home-DIFFA Dining By Design 2015 #DBD2015

HBF & HBF Textiles designed by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

HBF & HBF Textiles by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

EGE, designed by Adrien Alexander

EGE Couture

Cosentino and Benjamin Moore, designed by Tyler Wisler

Benjamin Moore and Cosentino-DIFFA Dining by Design

Gaggenau and Caesarstone

Caesarstone and Gaggenau - DIFFA Dining by Design 2015

Interior Design, designed by Ali Tayar of Parallel Design

Ali Tayar for Parallel Design - DIFFA Dining by Design

M. Moser Architects

M Moser Architects - DIFFA Dining by Design

Ottawa, Canada’s Capital designed by Geoff Howell Studio

Ottawa-Geoff Howell Studio - DIFFA Dining by Design

Manhattan Magazine & Fendi Casa, designed by Noelia Ibánez 

Manhattan Magazine & Fendi Casa, designed by Noelia Ibánez 

Luxe Interiors + Design

Luxe Interiors Design with Flexform- DIFFA Dining by Design

NYSID (New York School of Interior Design) designed by Emma Sawrey, Alexandra Sobolewski, Sun Woong Youm, Zhaoxu Vince Tong

NYSID-DIFFA Dining by Design

Spin Ceramics, designed by Kitty Hawks

Spin Ceramics - DIFFA Dining by Design

Pratt Institute, designed by Calesher Ellis, Dana Green, Paola Ligonde, Yu Zhang

Pratt Institute - DIFFA Dining by Design

Marc Blackwell New York

Marc Blackwell NY 1


Marc Blackwell NY 2

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach

In case you missed last week’s post, Highlights from DIFFA’s Dining By Design- Part 1, stop by the blog to see my favorite tables from the event.  There’s still more coverage on the AD Show, including my top picks,  so stay tuned!

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