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Every January, homeowners around the globe look to reorganize their lives, and one of the first places they turn to is their kitchen drawers.  Let’s face it – organized kitchen drawers are what every homeowner strives for, but very few achieve because most drawers are designed simply for storage and not necessarily with organization in mind.  Each drawer cavity is usually one open space into which a variety of items are placed.  However, when the drawers are pulled open abruptly or slammed shut, items tend to shift around and after time, become one jumbled mess. Actually, when you look behind the drawer fronts and cabinet doors, the kitchen is probably the most disorganized room in the home, but it doesn’t have to be.

Last January, while visiting KBIS, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas,  I became fixated by the interior fitting systems of the Poggenpohl line of kitchen cabinetry.  Poggenpohl has been a manufacturer and innovator in high-end kitchen cabinetry in Germany since 1892.   They are known to attend to every last detail when designing kitchens, and precision, detail, innovation and craftsmanship have been the hallmarks of the company for more than 100 years.  Each material is carefully selected, and Poggenpohl’s commitment to a green environment ensures that only woods produced using sustainable methods are used. All drawer runners and door hinges are hand crafted, perfectly aligned and outfitted with state of the art hardware, allowing for smooth gliding for much longer than the average drawer.
Poggenpohl organized kitchen drawers via cozystylishchic.com

Poggenpohl’s Organized Kitchen Drawers

The sleek, clean aesthetic of Poggenpohl’s cabinet exterior extends to the interior of each drawer and cabinet, and interior fitting systems ensure that each drawer is just as streamlined, orderly, and stylish as the exterior.  When there is a designated place for everything in the kitchen, things tend to go back where they need to go.  Dividers make sure that items are not tossed about and everything remains in place just as intended.Poggenpohl organized kitchen drawers via cozystylishchic.com

Poggenpohl cabinets are custom-built in Germany and tailored to each customer’s individual needs.  Just as precision is important to the Germans when designing cars, it is equally as important when designing kitchen mechanics (By the way, did you know that Poggenpohl has collaborated with Porsche Design Studio to develop the P’7350 kitchen design concept?  But more on the P’7350 in a later post…)

Poggenpohl-organized kitchen drawers via cozystylishchic.com

Poggenpohl Interior Fitting Systems

No more shame when opening the kitchen drawers in front of guests.  These drawers are meant to be shown off! The wide range of variations and configurations allow for each drawer to be customized to suit each customer’s individual preferences and can be reconfigured should the customer’s needs change.Poggenpohl organized kitchen drawers via cozystylishchic.com

The interior fitting systems are offered in either walnut (above) or maple (below) and can be used in drawers or pullouts.Poggenpohl accessories in maple -organized kitchen drawers via cozystylishchic.com

Upon opening the drawers, everything can be seen at a glance and there is no need to shuffle through to find what is needed.  Poggenpohl Accessories - organized kitchen drawers via cozystylishchic.comPoggenpohl-organized kitchen drawers via Cozy Stylish ChicPoggenpohl-organized kitchen drawers, bread box via Cozy Stylish ChicPoggenpohl-kitchen drawer organization via Cozy Stylish Chic

Poggenpohl will be returning to KBIS once again January 20-22, so be sure to stop by the booth in the North Hall (N1415) to see the integrity, beauty and craftsmanship of the Poggenpohl kitchen first hand. There’s nothing like starting off the year with organized kitchen drawers, and Poggenpohl does it best and with style.  I can’t wait to see Poggenpohl again in person –  both at their booth and again at the party they will be hosting, where I will also see Poggenpohl installed in the penthouse of The Residences at The Mandarin Oriental.  Don’t worry – more pics to come!


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Unless otherwise specified, all photos courtesy of Poggenpohl.
This post is written in collaboration with Poggenpohl and Blogtour.  Travel and expenses of my trip to Las Vegas for KBIS will be covered by Poggenpohl and ten other sponsors but no other compensation received.  As always, all opinions are my own.