Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur     Once again, Rachel Winokur was chosen to work her magic and redesign one of three Met Lofts suites in conjunction with Dwell on Design, the country’s largest show dedicated to modern design and living.   Rachel is known for  her “sustainably elegant” interiors consisting of natural woods, textured neutrals and crisp white linens as the foundation ,and vibrant pops of color as an unexpected element of surprise.  Needless to say, walking into a space designed by Rachel Winokur is never a bore. Upon entering the  Met Lofts space that Rachel redesigned, I was pleasantly greeted by a petite sized entry that packed in a bit of punch with it’s inviting orange and white print wallpaper, nailhead trim dresser, and simple wood bench.  Rachel proves that small doesn’t have to mean predictable and boring. Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur      Opposite the entry is the bathroom, which is outfitted with natural woods, exposed concrete, and a selection of  lively abstract paintings to complement the color in the rest of the suite. Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur     Upon entering the kitchen one could not possibly miss the bright orange Bertazzoni range that surrounded by clean white cabinetry, is the focus of the room.  The wallpaper, a similar motif to the one in the entry but in a toned down neutral palette, resembles a Moroccan tiled backsplash (at a fraction of the cost) and allows the orange Bertazzoni to take center stage.  The inlaid shell cabinetry hardware adds polish to the space.  I can’t tell you how much I want an orange range and I have to admit that seeing this made me a bit envious.Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur And a closet fit for the most discriminating fashionista…
Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur
As this particular unit is a studio, the kitchen opens up to the living room and bedroom.  The living room is set up on the far end of the room, closest to the window that faces the Met Lofts central courtyard (where you can see the cocktail party going on through the big picture window. Being the diligent blogger that I am, I opted to get my pictures in ahead of the crowd. Work first, party later…) On one wall is the obligatory television and on the opposite side of the room is a seating area defined by the outline of the rug that sits beneath the cocktail table and seating. Suspended from the ceiling is a polished stainless steel fireplace, the Cocoon Aeris (, which runs on biofuel and  is environmentally friendly and smoke free, yet manages to radiate heat throughout the space (almost too much warmth for a warm and muggy summer evening, but perfect for a brisk winter night!) Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur 5         The art curated for the space by MaryLinda Moss of Designer’s Fine Art Resources was stunning as usual.  I have seen her work several times, and each time is better than the next. Last year MaryLinda curated the original art for Dwell Labs at 16oo Vine, also held in conjunction with Dwell on Design.  Click on the link and take a look at the art – I’m sure you’ll agree that it is as wonderful as I do.Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur        Sprinkled around the room are pillows by Hinge Decor, which perfectly complement with clean yet unusual accoutrements that seem to be perfectly tailored to the space.  I have to admit I get a little giddy every time I see pillows by Hinge Decor, because the line is designed by my good friend, Allan Dallatorre, and I admire his eye for detail, texture, and color. See if you can spot a few more of Allan’s pillows placed throughout the room! Pillows by Hinge Decor can also be purchased through the Cozy•Stylish•Chic online shop! If there is anything you see that is not available in the shop, drop me an email and it can be special ordered for you.Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur       The painting above the bed is a show stopper and a unifying force in the room.  The vibrant mix of green, orange, and magenta takes the otherwise neutral palette into an entirely different direction.  Neutral can sometimes be a little “ho-hum”, but this is definitely not the case with Rachel’s design and this colorful painting being the center of attention.   The dynamic strokes and gestures along with the vibrant, saturated color  certainly brightens up any mood.Met Lofts-Rachel Winokur     Kudos to Rachel Winokur and her team of sponsors for an other successful project.  This redesigned suite (as well as the two others I will be covering shortly), are open to the public until July 19.   Should you be in the vicinity of Staples Center or LA Live in downtown LA, definitely stop by the
three redesigned suites at Met Lofts for a visit.  Office hours are Monday-Saturday 9 AM-6PM and Sunday 10 AM-5 PM.  For more info you can visit the Met Lofts website or call 855-311-3494 On that note, I’m off for the 4th of July!  Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe, and don’t drink and drive! Jeanne Chung signature