Blanco Attika and Solon- Form and Function Coexist

Blanco Attika drop in sink

Blanco Attika Sink

I have this thing for architecture – I always have, which is why the minute I laid eyes on the Blanco Attika sink (above, shown with the Blanco Culina Semi-Professional faucet), it immediately struck a chord. I’m particularly practical, but aesthetics are also top on my list of priorities – especially in the kitchen.

Blanco Attika drop in sink

With 10mm radius corners, the Blanco Attika is the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.  Ok, I may be speaking another language here for some of you, so let me explain in plain and simple English.  The average consumer seeks to maximize the space in their kitchen sink, and perfect zero radius corners allow you to do this.  However, they are difficult to clean, with dirt and grime getting stuck along the tight edges and especially in the corners.  Because of this issue, many opt for a curved edge sink (a higher radius), which makes for easier cleaning, but this comes at a price, since the curve minimizes the amount of usable space in the basin,  and when soaking your larger pans  this can be a disadvantage, as they may not fit. Everyone has  that large skillet that always gets gunk baked on and needs to be soaked overnight.  You know -the one with the long handle that doesn’t fit so it has to sit on the counter top, taking up valuable kitchen counter real estate. Yes, that one – I have a few of them.

Blanco Attika drop in sink

The Blanco Attika raised rim delivers a clean, architectural look and at 10mm,  Attika’s corners are only SLIGHTLY rounded, maximizing usable space while still having the benefit of ease of cleaning.   The 18 gauge stainless steel construction ensures that you won’t get the thumps and vibrations that you would with a higher gauge.  (Remember – when it comes to stainless steel, the higher the gauge, the thinner the metal)  The Blanco Attika comes in two sizes – a 20″ single bowl and a 26″ single bowl.  The smaller bowl is a bit too small for my active household,but is great for a smaller household or smaller kitchen. The larger 26″ bowl, fits the large skillet mentioned above, and is the perfect size for my active household of 4, and with a 10″ depth splashing is kept at a minimum.  Who said you have to sacrifice beauty for function?  The Blanco Attika proves that it IS possible to have both!

Blanco Solon Compost System

With having just celebrated Earth Day this past week, it couldn’t be a better time to introduce Blanco’s Solon compost system. We are all blessed to have the world at our fingertips, but in order to sustain the natural resources for future generations, we all need to take part in preserving what we have.

I’m a huge fan of composting and being conscious of the environment, but I’m not a fan of of the composting bucket taking up valuable counter space in an already tight kitchen, or the odor of decomposing organic waste.   Here’s where Blanco comes to the rescue – they have developed a new airtight compost system that sits BELOW the counter, where it doesn’t take up valuable kitchen counter real estate, but is still in close proximity to the sink and trash can.  Not only is it attractive, but it is also easy to use, good for the environment, not to mention good for the garden!  Did you know that composting improves soil structure and helps plants grow stronger?  Who ever thought composting could be this easy? A healthy planet and a healthy garden – I can’t think of two better reasons to compost!

Blanco Solon Compost System

Here’s a quick 1  1/2 minute video on Blanco’s Solon Compost System:

Make EVERY day Earth Day!

In full disclosure of FTC guidelines, please note that Blanco America was one of the generous sponsors of my recent trip to New York with BlogTourNYC, where travel and expenses were covered.  However, all opinions expressed in this and all posts are my own.

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