Boy’s Room Remodel – the Transformation From Juvenile to Hip and Sophisticated

I’ve always been a perfectionist with my work but I recently decided to turn over a new leaf and part of my self-prescribed therapy is letting my guard down and opening up my door for all to see my work in progress – complete with all the little messes along the way! Before, the only thing of importance in any given project was the before and after, but I have recently come to the realization that it is the voyage that takes you from point A to point B that is most interesting part of the journey.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, my son is now 8 years old and has outgrown his room.  When we moved into our current home, his room was already painted blue.  Not my favorite blue, but I decided to leave it and didn’t put any effort into the room, as I had more important things to deal with at the time (like painting my then 11 year old boy’s Pepto Bismol pink room a more gender appropriate grey)

Fast forward 2 years and it’s time for the little guy to ditch the fire engine bed.  For the 6 years he’s had it, it has served him well and has provided him and his friends with loads of entertainment, but it’s time to move on.

Little B and I looked at pictures of rooms, colors and light fixtures and he decided that he wanted a more sophisticated, grown up room.  (I was fine with anything as long as I didn’t have to redecorate for the next 10 years -until after he leaves for college!) It turns out Little B has impeccable taste in light fixtures – he chose a Jonathan Adler sputnik sconce! I have to admit that I was ecstatic, because I love everything Jonathan Adler. Knowing that the fixture would cast an interesting shadow on the ceiling, I decided to go all out and make the ceiling the focal point of the room.

The first step was to come up with a rough sketch.  Even though the room is small and contrary to the advice given by the pros who say it is a big “no-no” to paint a small room a dark color, we agreed to paint the walls a charcoal grey, to provide contrast against the glossy white woodwork.

Boy's room remodel - Cozy•Stylish•Chic
Image by dspace Design via Houzz

I then came across the picture of this room on Pinterest and was immediately drawn to the moulding on the ceiling.  Incorporating the same detail in Little B’s room would really make the space a knock out.

The next step was to sketch out the pattern on the ceiling.  As much as I liked all the beautiful curves in the inspiration pic, it would have been outrageously expensive to purchase flex moulding ($6.00/ft as opposed at $0.60/ft. for the straight boards)  so I went with a simple hexagon with a series of right angles and eliminated the flex moulding all together.

Off to the lumberyard to pick out a moulding.  I decided on a simple chair rail moulding, as it was the only one available that was the right width and with a pronounced profile that would stand out on the ceiling.

Meanwhile at home, I painted over the blue walls with a neutral grey – not an easy task with furniture still in the room!

Lining up all the moulding boards and painting on an assembly line – all on top of the big sputnik box to save my back by not having to bend over.

Plotting out the moulding design on the ceiling with masonry string.  I’m not sure how the pros do it, and I googled just about everything I could think of, but couldn’t find any information on how it is normally done.  Using string seemed like a logical solution to me and it seemed to work. If there’s anyone out there who knows how the pros actually do it, please enlighten me!!!

The old light fixture is still in place (one measly 60 watt incandescent bulb) so I didn’t even have enough light to work at night.

We found a taker!  B hanging out in his bed for the last time before his beloved fire engine bed is hauled off!  Bittersweet.  (But at least now I had more room to work, so I wasn’t complaining!) I didn’t realize exactly how big his bed was until it was finally gone.

My first attempt to cut all the angles was with a hand saw and miter box.  After two days of cursing, ranting, and raving, my friend John stepped in and lent me his brother’s compound miter saw.  From then on it was smooth sailing!

The sputnik sconce arrives and is hung.  Wow – what a difference more light makes.  Now there’s enough light in the room for me to work around the clock!

I started out hammering in the moulding by hand but quickly discovered that a hammer and nails was not going to cut it for this job. I did my due diligence and researched the tools needed, and ventured out to several hardware stores before returning home with a 2HP, 8 gallon air compressor and a 18 gauge brad nail gun to add to my collection of tools.  Luckily, nothing I do surprises my husband these days!

And here’s the before and after, but I still have a ways to go.  The bed is arriving this week, so at least we’ll be able to finally kick our son out of our bed.  He’s a kicker, so my bed for the last couple of weeks has been the family room sofa…

There was a set back with the artwork that I selected from Natural Curiosities– and an homage to artist Josef Albers in orange and blue, my son’s school colors.  Unfortunately Natural Curiosities only makes them in one size, which is too large,  so this predicament will most likely result in another DIY project in the next couple of weeks.  Time to pull out the gouache and paintbrushes.  Bring it on!

Little B’s room is an ongoing project as I can only work on things when I’m not working on projects for my interior design clients.  Even though the furniture has already been ordered, most manufacturers do not usually stock merchandise, so things are trickling in.  As it is, the rug will not be arriving until mid-November, but it will definitely be worth the wait.

Surya chevron patch cowhide rug
image via Surya

As always, the little guy has impeccable taste and picked out a chevron patch cowhide rug. Mom couldn’t be more proud! Stay tuned for more…

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