Everyday life can be complicated and a little overwhelming at times, so here is a compilation of fabulous finds I came across on my recent trip to Dwell on Design, the country’s largest modern design show, held in Los Angeles this past weekend.  The products that I selected below will make life a little easier, less stressful,  and every day life much more enjoyable.

SILESTONE® Nebula Series in Textured Suede

I loved the look of the Silestone Nebula Series but the minute my fingers made contact with the Textured Suede surface that was it – I was hooked.   With the sueded surface, long gone are the days of chasing after the kids with a bottle of countertop cleaner every time they approach the counter, as fingerprints are no longer an issue.   Silestone is 94% quartz and also has the added advantage of being stain resistant, scratch resistant, and acid resistant (I can’t tell you how many times I have etched my marble top when my kids spill their orange juice) and it also prevents the growth of bacteria. And best of all, it doesn’t require any maintenance, so guess what I’m putting in my kitchen the next time I remodel? p.s. – Altair,  the grey sample at the bottom left corner is my favorite and looks like poured concrete, but without the cost!


The Illumino Lighboard is made of optical grade cast acrylic that is outfitted with LED edge lights.  Only Expo Neon dry erase markers can be used on the writing surface, and when illuminated, the colors are as vibrant as ever.  It comes in three sizes – 2′ x 4′, 4′ x 6′, and 4′ x 8′ and ranges in price from $810 – $1720 retail.  This is a must have item- not only is it really hip, cool, and fun to look at, but with this in my house, there is no way that my teenager could possibly tell me that he didn’t see my note asking him to empty the dishwasher!

CLEI FURNTURE for Resource Furniture

This is one that all you city dwelling denizens will love.  Convertible furniture at its best.  From living room to bedroom with a queen size bed in a matter of seconds and with very little effort.  13″ deep and freestanding, so if you move, it’s going with you!   And the best thing?  Everything stays on the shelves and you don’t have to move a thing!
Below is what one might use for a child’s room.  There is a desk that is lifted up to access the bed hidden in back.  And again, with Clei’s eye on both form as well as function,  the desk surface remains horizontal, eliminating the need to organize papers every time you pull out the bed.  Smart design.
What I’ve shown here is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more configurations available.  Even though there are many colors and surfaces available, there is still a way to even further customize the look.  I’ll be showing that in another post when I cover the Dwell Labs Design Star Blog Tour, where the designer has used metallic grass cloth to give a little hint of luxe to the room.  Keep an eye for the post – it will be in the next week!

The MOXIE™ Showerhead +Wireless Speaker by Kohler

In response to consumer demand after the recent launch of the Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker, Kohler has added new colors, so that each member of the family can have their own speaker, personalizing their experience in the shower with the music that they want to listen to.  I am a heavy metal, big-haired rocker in disguise and prefer to listen to Ozzy Osbourne or Quiet Riot to wake me up in the morning (for me it works better than coffee), while my 8 year old son seems to think that he is Pavarotti in training ( I know – he’s a strange one), so with a speaker for everyone in the family, everyone is happy!
Each speaker pairs up to a bluetooth enabled device and streams wirelessly from their phone or MP3 player.  When you’re ready, you pop it into the middle of the showerhead, and it is held in place in the base dock by a strong magnet.  When you’re done, pop it out and the next person is ready to go.  Each charge provides approximately 7 hours of playing time and when needed is charged via the USB cord provided.  From $149

The DISCOVERY™ Wine Station by Dacor

You’ve spent a pretty penny on your wine and you want to savor every last drop, which is why the Discovery Wine Station from Dacor is the perfect gadget for the wine connoisseur.  Leave it to the folks at Dacor to come up with the first automated, temperature controlled wine dispenser and preservation system for the home that has a dual zone storage compartment for storing both red and white wines at their optimal temperature.  The argon gas preservation system allows you to store up to four bottles of wine for up to 60 days, ensuring that the first sip is just as aromatic as the last. Easy to clean, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. From $5299

iSteam® Touch by MR. STEAM

The newest addition to the Mr. Steam collection of residential steambaths, the iSteam transforms the residential shower into a spa.  With its intuitive touch screen navigation,  the user has full control of temperature, time, aroma, chroma lighting, and audio to customize the spa experience – all with a swipe of the fingertip.  Using only 1 gallon of water for a 20 minute session, the iSteam is also very eco friendly.
There are so many health benefits to the  steam shower.  Not only does warm moisture open up the pores of the skin, leaving if softer, more supple,  and younger looking, but through perspiration, it also rids the body of toxins and impurities.  Warm moisture also makes breathing easier and leaves the user, refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle the world.

You know that feeling you get when you catch a whiff of the heavenly aroma of eucalyptus wafting through the air when you’re at your favorite 5 star spa?  With Mr. Steam’s AromaSteam System,  you can give yourself the same authentic spa experience.  Several scents such as lavender and energizing mint are available, but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to the spa,  and eucalyptus is always my favorite, as the scent  automatically relaxes my muscles as I forget about the worries of the day.  You can bet that the first chance I get I’ll be putting in an iSteam into my own home.  With my long days working, running around with kids, and life in general, it would be the best gift I could possibly give myself.  It would be like going to a 5 star resort spa everyday without having to ever leave home.  Happy and relaxed mama makes for a happy household, so this is one expense that is well worth the money!

Stay tuned for more on Dwell on Design…