Storefronts of the La Cienega Design Quarter

As you all may know, I spent last week at Legends, an annual event put on by the La Cienega Design Quarter  In between all the panel discussions, book signings, cocktail parties, people watching I took every opportunity to make my way through as many storefronts along La Cienega as I could to look for inspiration, because God knows I am not one to sit still, and every minute of every day I put to use – and then some!

First stop: Remains Lighting

The moment I walked into Remains Lighting, I was immediately wowed by the first few things I came across in the showroom – black and white checkerboard floor,  brass glass top coffee table, navy blue chesterfield sofa – each a statement in its own right, but together? I could have stayed all day.

Remains Lighting consists of three lighting collections: The Permanent Collection, which is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the Remains Lighting facility in Brooklyn, NY, The Antique Collection, which is just what the name suggests.  Each piece has been professionally wired and is ready to be hung, and the Duquette Collection, which is based on the original designs of legendary Hollywood set designer, Tony Duquette.

As you know, brass is making a huge comeback, so seeing all the brass in the cases and walls made me very happy – especially paired with navy blue.  A bit nautical, a bit chic, and classy all the way!

Second Stop: Downtown

I was lucky enough to stop by Downtown twice in one day.  The first time I wandered in and was pleasantly surprised by all the cool, one of a kind, vintage findings.  Later on in the day I popped in again, but this time to hear Susanna Salk talk about her new book “C.Z. Guest American Icon”

Downtown consists of two divisions, the vintage and antiques, and the classics collection, which is made in California by local artisans and modeled after vintage pieces, and both collections blend together seamlessly in the showroom, where at times it is difficult to tell one apart from the other.

Third Stop: Dragonette

Dragonette is a place like no other – I can’t even describe it other than it is “totally awesome” for lack of a better word.  A bit of WeHo risqué on one wall, photographs and art representing a range of styles and time periods on another wall, a touch of Hollywood regency glamour in one corner of the showroom, and a little bit of chinoiserie influence in another, a little bit of mid-century in yet another corner.  It was a nice mix of all the best pieces from all the different styles and time periods I have grown to love.

If you are ever in the area, be sure to drop by any one of the showrooms I mentioned above.  Each is unique in its own way and you will be sure to come across something interesting at every turn.

By the way, today is my first post for Belle Maison, where I am a guest blogger/design contributor.  Be sure to check out my post, as I am giving yet another recap on the trends I saw recently at High Point Market.  If you enjoyed my post on High Point a few weeks ago, you’ll be sure to enjoy today’s post for Belle Maison, as I go more in depth on topics I only touched upon on my original post.  Enjoy!

All images are my own