I was planning on making today’s post on Kips Bay, but as I was going over my pictures, I kept on coming back to ICFF (the International Contemporary Furniture Fair) and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the wonderful things I came across in my short time there.  I wish I could have stayed in New York longer and attended ICFF at least an additional day, but two nights with a squirmy horizontal sleeping child and three oversized stuffed dogs in our bed was about all I think my husband could take.

Don’t fret – I will come back to the Kips Bay Show House, as I still have so many wonderful pictures to share, but my restlessness is getting the best of me.  Like a child, when I see something that interests me, the thoughts start flowing through my head and I can’t function until I sit down and just get everything down on paper, so here I am covering ICFF.  And I wonder why my kids are the way they are.  I take full responsibility.

I whizzed through ICFF, as the morning was spent touring the Kravet studios, and the show was closing down that afternoon, but I accomplished a lot while there and found several new resources (and several old ones with new product).  Here are my ten fabulous finds – I hope you find them as awesome as I do!

Cloud from Apparatus Studio

There was something about the soft diffused glow of the orbs that stopped me dead in my tracks.  I have seen several of this type of fixture, but none with the same warm glow or aged brass finish as these beauties.

Triad from Apparatus Studio

Absolutely beautiful wax rubbed brass. Classic, timeless, yet still modern.    Created by Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, Apparatus Studio is one company to keep an eye out for – they are definitely going places.

The Axor Starck Organic Collection

For Philippe Starck’s 5th collaboration with Axor/Hans Grohe, Starck introduces organic shapes with the same minimalistic approach that he is known for.  The unique design, which resembles a tree branch in its simplest form,  allows for a sensual water experience while being ecological friendly with its low consumption. Who knew that something so simple could be so sexy!

Above is a picture I took at ICFF, but below are more professional shots that were emailed to me today by the folks over at Axor. How did they know I was going to write about them today? Their ears must have been ringing!

Aperiodix Concrete Tile System by Oso Industries

Inspired by Islamic architecture, Eric Weil designed a set of six different undulating triangles that can be laid out in a variety of ways to create several different pattern effects.  These cast concrete tiles are available in four colors and can be applied without grout, or to create a more dramatic effect, a contrasting colored grout can be applied.  With the recent influx of interest in modern Moroccan design, this is a sure bet for any decor.
Sculptural Door Handles – Philip Watts Design

Not only does Philip Watts Design produce sculptural door handles, but perusing through their catalog and on their website, they make AMAZING things.  Their door handles are only the tip of the iceberg. Above on the left is a detailed shot of a skull shaped door handle.  Of course many other designs are available such as that resembling a branch or a simple sculptural shape,  and all can be cast in either aluminum or bronze.

Take a look at what else Philip Watts Design has to offer.  For instance, there is the illuminating “Gloo” urinal.

Ok, maybe an illuminating urinal is a bit much, so take a look at the “Spoon” – simple but stylish – it does not scream “urinal”, which is exactly why I like it.   In a house with three boys, I could REALLY use either one of these – at least until the aim gets a little better…

Teckell Foosball Table by Bespoke Global
For approximately $18,000, this ash and crystal foosball table can be had.  Yes, I did say crystal. It is fully customizable and can be done in  a variety of combinations – full crystal, some wood, some metal – it’s all “bespoke”, like its namesake, so name your fancy and chances are it can be made.  Below is a picture that I took at ICFF of the foosball table that was on display, done in green and clear crystal, but I love the look of the one above, which I found on their website.
These panels are made of two sheets of brushed aluminum with a polyethylene core, which are then printed.  The panels can be made as large as 4′ x 8′, which is why I am thinking of using them for an accent wall in the bedroom I am designing for my 8 year old son this summer. He says he’s grown out of the fire engine bed and wants a super stylish room that isn’t too “little boy”, so these panels just might do the trick.  There are an endless number of images available, so I’m sure I can find one that is suitable for his room.  If not, maybe I can twist their arm to print up one of my own images?
The Kelly by Gabriel Scott
“The Kelly”, available in brushed brass or blackened steel, is brought to us by the design duo, Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler, who together form the company “Gabriel Scott”. With its hanging brass chains, this chandelier is a show stopper.  It is elegant, hip, and I can see it used in a variety of decors.
New Stereo Console for Symbol Audio
This stereo console from Symbol Audio connects 3 devices to the built in amplifier.  Sit back in style while streaming audio via bluetooth, watching TV, or spinning records-old school style.  There is a compartment in back which hides all the unsightly cords and sound can be controlled via the controls provided or via an iPhone or iPad.  Being a design junkie, I mentioned all the beautiful design aspects, but I neglected to mention the best feature of all – the sound, which is equally as impressive as its design.  For your music loving teen, a desk with built in amplifier can also be had.  How cool, right?
Single Handle Lavatory by Jason Wu for Brizo
Being a former fashion designer, I was naturally drawn to Jason Wu’s collaboration with Brizo.  The motto for the Jason Wu collection is “fashion forward meets forward thinking”, and how true that statement is.  This faucet has to be seen and experienced to fully understand and appreciate.  Above it is shown in matte black, but there are two other finishes available: matte black with brushed nickel, and matte black with chrome. It has a 45 degree pivoting handle, TempAssure Thermostatic valving, which monitors and measures the water temperature, and the coolest feature of all, Smart Touch Plus technology, which allows the faucet to be turned off and on by simply touching any part of the faucet body or handle.  Not only that, but it also has proximity sensing, allowing touch free operation.  Brizo is on the leading edge of technology for the home, implementing technology that will make our lives easier.   I can’t tell you how many times I have had raw chicken on my hands while cooking and have had to scrub the faucet afterwards.  With SmartTouchPlus, I wouldn’t have to touch ANY part of the faucet!  Brizo changes the way we are doing things and their innovations certainly make life more convenient.
I hope you enjoyed my short tour of ICFF and my list of fabulous finds.  Most of the products shown are to the trade, so you would need to contact your interior designer to purchase. I’d love to hear from you – what’s your favorite of my fabulous finds?   If you need assistance, feel free to contact me. I’m friendly, I don’t bite.  After all, yesterday I did a lighting install and I was by told by the electrician that I am “too nice to be working in Hollywood”.  I’m not sure if that was a compliment, but I sure took it that way, so throw me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!