Crisp black and white is a big trend, but as you may know, I never follow the rules and like to mix things up – create some controversy, if you will.  So add in a little bit of ruby red for some accent, throw in some brass to glam it up a little, (because y’all know by now that brass is here to stay for a while), and can’t forget zebra, but I’m going PC and am opting to show my stripes on the wall rather than on a hide on the floor.  Voilà – we’ve got ourselves a room, which I have opted to call “Chinois on Main” – it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but together, ka-pow! It makes a statement.  And would you check out the chandelier?  It’s the same one I plastered all over Instagram and  my Facebook page while I was at High Point – you know, the one that got all the “likes”. Don’t you just love it?
1.  Zebra Framed Art, $2590
2.  Diallo Chandelier, $2075-$2598
3.  Faux Gazelle Horns, $175
4.  Gold Leaf Coral, $278/each
5.  Set of Red Foo Dogs, $58
6.  Inlaid Bone Burst Chest, $4150
7.  Grand Skirted Sofa, $2458
8.  Jana brass/marble adjustable desk lamp, $645.60
9.  Lacquered grasscloth Parsons table, $585
10.  Ethos Silk Rug, $3595
11.  Greek key inspired lacquered table, $1295
12.  Cameron gold leaf chair with black velvet, $1755
13.  Hexagon pillow, $110
14.  Brass stud pillow, $395…And in closing, here are a few black, white, and red rooms that inspire me. They are all unique design styles, but they are all successful in their execution of color.

Mary Mc Donald
Image via Pinterest
Image via Interior Idea
Image via Pinterest
Image via Ferreira Design