I hope you’re all ready for some color today.  After the gloomy Easter weekend weather here in California, I’m sure you could use a little pick me up, so with today’s post I am going to treat you all with a visit to De-Cor, a fabulous “globally inspired” showroom of artifacts, furniture, and textiles in my hometown of Pasadena, California.
Upon entering through the door at De-Cor, I was immediately transported to another world – a place filled with color, all working together in harmony, and a feast for the eyes.  Up, down, and all around was color which was complimented by a myriad of new and vintage wood and metal pieces of furniture in a variety of breath taking finishes.
De-Cor founder Deepali Pareek, along with Sat Garg, architect with AkarStudios, (the design firm also behind Pasadena favorites, Vertical Wine Bistro and IX Tapa) spent an entire year gutting and restoring Pareek’s 7500 square foot  exposed brick and post and beam structure to its former glory.  In doing so, they also reconfigured the interior to best display Pareek’s trove of treasures from Southeast Asia.

Entering through the front door on the main road, one is greeted by the beautifully worn patina on this vintage metal grate. The contrast between the bare metal peeking through the soft green patina and bits of orange rust at the joints is simply exquisite.

Pareek cleverly sets the mood for what is to come by placing an arrangement of succulents near the entrance. This arrangement, with the statues peeking through from behind, relaxes the senses with its calm and soothing “zen” vibe.

Look above and “wow” – a symphony of color.  Pareek cleverly breaks up the large expanse of open space above by hanging colorful chain stitch embroidered umbrellas – what a welcome!
Small intimate areas are created within the much larger space.  The deep jewel tones of the lanterns above along with embroidered and embellished pillows in this particular space blend in seamlessly with the neutral tones of the carved teak bench.  The intricately carved vintage doorway creates a vignette which  allows the viewer to catch a glimpse of what treasures lie within.

De-Cor Pillows and Textiles

The extensive collection of embroidered and embellished pillows average in price from $29-$49

Vintage tapestry trim adorn these raw silk pillows, a De-Cor signature.
Not only does De-Cor carry a wide selection of embroidered and embellished pillows, but they also carry an extensive collection of textiles, both vintage, repurposed, and new…all of which can be used as a bedcover, table cloth…
…or rolled up and displayed in a basket as in the shot above.  Personally, I’d like to get my hands on a tapestry trimmed table cloth, on which I would place an array of different sized mercury glass vases filled with an eye popping assortment of flowers cut fresh from my garden.  Can you picture it?

De-Cor – The Space

Again, Pareek makes use of the beams and space above by placing sheer gold embroidered voile (starting at $18/yard) and exotic lanterns from the beams that run above across the entire width of the space.

Image via De-Cor
Image via De-Cor
Image via De-Cor

De-Cor Founder and Owner

De-Cor founder/owner Deepali Pareek, at home in the space she created for all to enjoy.

De-Cor is conveniently located at:
30 South San Gabriel, Pasadena CA 91107
tel: 626•405•0897

De-Cor is currently holding their spring sale, which started April 1 – Up to 50% off lighting and up to 30% off textiles, so stop by and let them know that you read about them on Cozy•Stylish•Chic!!


Unless specified, all images are my own.