Today,  I actually managed to peel myself away from my computer and ventured out for an impromptu trip to visit my high school friend, Alexandra Poer Sheridan, at her café, Alexandra’s Table.  There I was met by another high school friend (yes, many of us return back to Pasadena, because it’s such an awesome place!) and we treated ourselves to the most delicious lunch I’ve had in a while – a sandwich consisting of warm brie, carmelized onion, prosciutto, and arugula on a baguette, and a spinach, marcona almond, red onion, pita crisp, and shallot vinaigrette salad.  Simply divine.  Alexandra really knows how to work some magic in the kitchen, because I’ve never been disappointed by her cooking, and my palate is very hard to please.

Not only is Alexandra an amazing chef, but ever since I met her in 7th grade, she has always had amazing style.  She has never been afraid to experiment with color and has always had an eye for detail.  Take a look at her menu below – don’t you LOVE how it’s handwritten in an assortment of pretty colors and is affixed to the wall with neon pink tape?  There are not many people who would paint the front door and trim to their establishment a bright chartreuse.   But that’s Alexandra – fearless, especially when it comes to color and style.

Once you walk through the door of Alexandra’s Table, you are greeted with more color – another set of chartreuse doors leading to a breezeway, a brightly painted pink table, and a turquoise chair and book case. Several armoires, book cases, and tables house a colorful selection of beautifully displayed cookbooks, fun things for the home, an assortment of candles, and gourmet foods in pretty packages. Oh, and did I mention a plethora of fun things to dress up any table or create a vignette.  My kind of place!

Doesn’t this sandwich look amazingly delicious?  And so colorful, too! Check out the radish garnish. Alexandra is all about the details, and she does not do it in vain, because I take notice every single time!

Look at the attention to detail at the “to go” coffee station.  Don’t you love how the red of the roma tomatoes below balances out the red in the painted Indian tray above? And look at the contrast of the chartreuse wall and moss filled vase above  against the tomato red in the tray and the bowl of tomatoes.

The bright yellow hue of the ginger jars on top of the bookcase cleverly bridges the gap between the colorful painting placed above and the selection of books placed below.

Alexandra’s Table is conveniently located at 413 South Mission Drive in San Gabriel in the historic San Gabriel Mission district.  Be sure to stop by, grab a scrumptuous bite to eat, and pick up some fun items to decorate your home – you won’t be disappointed!  Alexandra’s Table is open 9:30-2:30, Monday through Friday, and Alexandra also caters private events, so get in touch with her if you’re looking for someone to cater your next party.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to have to go back for the espresso brownie I was too stuffed to eat today after lunch.  I’ve been thinking about it all day long…

Have a wonderful weekend!


It looks like someone read my blog today, because Alexandra just showed up at my doorstep and look what she brought with her – the espresso brownies that I’ve been craving since yesterday AND some espresso shortbread.  Oooooh – I am in heaven.  Thank you Alexandra – you rock! Tomorrow it’s an extra hour on the elliptical, but these treats are SO worth it!